DIY Family Charging Station to Organize Cords and Devices

Technology. It’s a blessing and a curse. I love that my kids know a lot about computers (they are only 3 and 6) but I hate that they would rather use an iPad than read a book. My other biggest frustration is the cords that come along with anything electronic. Also, most of our devices have different chargers. Ugh, another thing to keep up with. I finally decided to create a DIY family charging station to organize cords and devices so everything would be kept in one central space. No more searching for cords and devices! Let me show you how.

This is what my kitchen looked like on a daily basis (warning; it’s not pretty).

That little corner of our kitchen seemed to be the “technology hub” where most tablet’s are found.

Conversations in my home went something like this;

“Mom, have you seen the iPad?”

“Nope, where did you put it last?”

“I don’t know I can’t remember.”

(He finds the iPad)

“I found it but the battery is dead. Where is the charger?”

“I still don’t know.”

Does this sound familiar to any of you?

In an effort to end these conversations I decided to create my own DIY charging station.

In my opinion, the easiest way to create your own in-home charging station is to dedicate a drawer (central location preferred) to keep all the tablets, phones and cords in one place.

DIY Family Charging Station to Organize Cords and Devices

I decided on a drawer in my kitchen. 

It was the perfect place for a “technology drawer” because;

  1. It’s a central location
  2. there is a plug behind the cabinet
  3. the drawer is the perfect size to organize cords and tablets

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Materials for the DIY charging station

Once you’ve gathered your supplies, you need to drill a hole in the back of the area where you’re going to string your extension cord through.

Luckily, I didn’t have to drill into the drawer because there was a small space that allowed the cord to fit through. 

I did have to drill in the back of our cabinet in the kitchen. It’s not a pretty hole, but no one will see it so I didn’t take too much effort making it look good. Since I did not have a spade drill bit, I used a large drill bit instead.

Once I plugged the charging station to the wall, I was ready to organize!

DIY Family Charging Station to Organize Cords and Devices 4

I love having once central hub for all the tablets, phones and cords.

DIY Family Charging Station to Organize Cords and Devices
DIY Family Charging Station to Organize Cords and Devices

At first I thought it might be awkward having our electronics in the kitchen, but after a few days of using it, it’s perfect!

I love our new DIY charging station or charging drawer.

My favorite DIY’s are those that require little time and no money! Since I had all supplies on hand for this one, it was free.

Since this post I did a little makeover in the “kitchen Cubby.”

If you enjoyed this post you might also enjoy other posts all about small space organization!  Since we’ve moved into our rustic beach cottage, space is a little tighter than it used to be (we downsized almost 1,000 square feet).

How to create a charging station in a dresser drawer

DIY charging station

Learn how to easily create your own DIY charging station in a central location like a dresser drawer.

Active Time 1 hour
Total Time 1 hour
Difficulty Easy
Estimated Cost varies


  • Dresser drawer or cabinet drawer
  • Charging station device (not necessary)
  • Electronic devices
  • Extension cord and surge protector if needed


  • Drill
  • Woodboring spade drill bit


  1. Once you've decided on what drawer to use for your charging station, drill a hole through the back of the drawer to pull the cords through
  2. You might need to drill a hole through the back of the cabinet too
  3. Run the surge protector or charging station device cords through the back of the drawer and cabinet and plug it in
  4. Attach the electronic device charging cords to the charging station device
  5. Enjoy your new DIY charging station in a cabinet or drawer!


Rather than drilling a hole in the back of the drawer, see if there is a small space above the drawer to pull the cords through. This is what I did.

The best way to drill a hole is with a woodboring spade drill bit set. If you don't have these, you can also use a very large drill bit.

I hope this has inspired you to create a little more organization in your life, even if it starts with a phone or a tablet!


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