A Home for my Chippy Antique Door

Have you ever been shopping and stumbled upon an item that you didn’t know where it would go but you couldn’t live without it? I mean an item that would haunt your days if you couldn’t buy it?  That sounds a little vain, but when you come across a yummy chippy piece of history like I did, I knew that it would be a bad day if someone else snagged it before I could.  This is the story about finding a home for my chippy antique door. 

chippy antique door

I can’t remember where I was going three years ago when I spotted this lovely antique door. I rarely venture that far north, but for some reason I was on a mission. On my way I spotted an old chippy door sitting outside of an antique store. Like I said, I was going north and the store was on the south side of the road. When I saw it, I quickly slammed on the breaks and pulled a U turn.

When you’re an antique lover, you don’t pass up unique pieces of history like this. This 200 year old chippy antique door was one of a kind.

I knew what I wanted to do with the vintage door, I just didn’t know where I would place it. Ultimately, I knew that it would look best hung on barn door hardware.

When I purchased this door three years ago, we were living in a contemporary builder grade home.  The home was fairly new and had all the basic builder grade amenities like arched doorways and trey ceilings.  These were nice touches, but they didn’t accommodate my modern farmhouse style or the ability to add a barn door to a doorway with barn door hardware.

Instead of hanging it on a door way, I decided to adorn my modern farmhouse entryway with it.
Although the vintage chippy barn door really added character to my entryway, it still didn’t feel like it belonged there.

Fast forward three years.

Here I am in our “new” home. It’s been three years of pushing and rearranging this door around to different walls in our old home.

It was time to finally give this antique door a home. 

A home for our chippy antique door
A home for our chippy antique door

This is the wall that leads into our living room. Some of you might guess that our living room is a previously converted garage. I don’t love the doorway and I knew that adding a unique piece to it would lessen the “garage” feel of it.

Now I just needed some barn door hardware to go with it.  Let’s talk about barn door hardware for a minute.  This rustic door is unique, and I knew it wouldn’t look right unless I got a piece of unique hardware to go with it.

I decided I couldn’t add a “new looking” piece of hardware because it would stick out like a sore thumb. I shopped around and found a company called The Barn Door Hardware Store that created a hardware set in a rustic rust color. They were kind enough to send me this set in exchange for a blog post.

Needless to say, I think the barn door hardware finish matches the vintage style of the door perfectly!

chippy antique door
chippy vintage door
chippy antique door

I decided to move my DIY botanical prints to our cottage style bedroom and replace this space with a few affordable open shelves.

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This room is coming together! I have an idea up my sleeve for the wall on the right of the chippy door. I’m thinking “kids homework station.”  Stay tuned, and thanks for stopping by.


25 thoughts on “A Home for my Chippy Antique Door

  1. No wonder you stopped for that door! Leaving it would haunt any decent DYI! Love that hardware, it was perfect, so glad to know they make stuff like this. One of these days i want a barn door somewhere! No place for it right now.

  2. Oh my goodness, what a true find! Ahhhhh, if doors and walls could talk the stories they could tell!!! Thank you so much for sharing. I just love, love, love antiques & what you’ve done is sure genus on display! Have a great day!

  3. Your wonderful door hung has actually visually doubled the open space. Your mind says, there is an open space behind that door, even though their isn’t. Love this solution. I’m sure you do also.

  4. We have some old doors like this we saved from our old home place that was sold and torn down by developers. I would love to do something like this. The plan was to make a bed headboard with them but that hasnt happend yet either.
    Yours look so pretty. Love it.

    1. Thank you Lisa. I had thought about making a bed headboard too, but I thought this door could add some character to our living room.

  5. No wonder you bought that door, what a prize. Love where you hung it and that hardware is perfect.
    Stop by Over The Moon party today since you are my feature.

    1. Hi there,
      this is an antique door I found at a local thrift store. Unfortunately it’s one a kind, sorry.

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