DIY Wall Pallet Sign

When we bought our home 1 year ago I decorated my kids bathroom in silly kid colors… know, with the hippopotamus, giraffe, monkeys, animals. Not really thinking of my decor, I made impulse buys at Walmart (I blame it on my infant who did not sleep at all!) with the animal toothbrush holders, bath towels, and bath rug. So here we are a year later and I’m over it. That’s when I decided I would create an inexpensive DIY Wall pallet sign to help decorate this bathroom.FullSizeRender_1

A quick before pic;


I purchased the PALLET WALL ART at Hobby Lobby.

This is what it looked like below.

10%22 x 18%22 Natural Slatted Wood Pallet Sign with Jute Rope | Hobby Lobby | 80665516

I “dry brushed” the natural wood with white chalk paint.

For those of you who don’t know,  “DRY BRUSHING” is when you take a dry brush, dip just the tip in the paint, wipe the brush lightly with a towel,  and lightly cover the piece you are working on. After I dry brushed it I applied a very light layer of Annie Sloan Dark Wax. This gave it the “weathered” look I was going for.

After that dried, I used some simple stencils I bought previously from Target to stencil the wording on the pallet. I used a White chalk marker to complete the PALLET ART! I thought about using paint, but I was feeling lazy that day and figured the white chalk marker (yes, this is a marker you can write on a chalk board with) would work. Guess what! it worked great.

So here is my final product- a simple DIY WALL PALLET SIGN.

DIY Wall Pallet Sign


The materials I used:

  1. chalk marker
  2. paint brush
  3. white chalk paint
  4. dark wax
  5. stencils
  6. pallet wood from Hobby Lobby.

The only cost was the pallet wall hanging for $9.99 because I had all the other products on hand.

I really feel like this piece completed the bathroom.

Here is a finished picture of it with my PALLET WALL ART!

FullSizeRender_1With a little spray paint, a few items I had around the house, and new sign, I’m finally happy with this space!


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