Builder Grade Bathroom Light Fixture Update for Free

If someone told you that you could “shop your house” to make a few small updates would you know how to do it? Is there anything in your house that you hate but you don’t have the money to update right now?  Lately I’ve been on “bathroom update” kick and decided I would start small, with a builder grade bathroom light fixture update. Best part, I didn’t spend a dime.

FREE bathroom light fixture update

I’m going to be honest, this isn’t a HUGE update, but this little DIY LIGHT FIXTURE hack did make a difference.

Best part of this update, it was FREE!

It all started this morning when I found some mini lamp shade covers under the kitchen cabinets that I never used. I pulled them out and had a random thought that I could possibly use them in place of those ugly glass covers on the bathroom light fixture. Here is the builder grade bathroom light fixture:

This was a very simple project, so I’m going to keep this short and sweet.

Free builder grade light fixture update

Here is the lamp shade I stumbled upon this morning.

In order for these lamp shades to fit over the light fixture I knew I had to remove the metal part in the top of the shade that is pictured below:

I used a simple pair of pliers to cut out the metal part in the top.

After I removed the old ugly glass covers, it was time to add the new lampshade covers.  

Since I couldn’t screw the lampshade into the light fixture like I could with the old glass covers, I “slid” them¬†over the screws so they were good and snug and wouldn’t move.

And just like that I had a free DIY LIGHT FIXTURE UPDATE.

What do you think?

This simple DIY light fixture update doesn’t update the entire room, but every little bit counts right!

Can you think of a way to “shop your house” to create a free home update?


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