DIY Hairpin Leg Table Anyone Can Create

Are you looking for a table with an “industrial and minimal” look? Or maybe you are looking for a really easy way to create your own DIY table. This is definitely the easiest DIY furniture piece I’ve ever created. I love the look the hairpin table legs give my new desk. I can’t wait to share how easy the DIY hairpin leg desk and my new office space was to create. Seriously, anyone can make this!

hairpin legs

I’ve always wanted my own dedicated “office space.” Rather than hanging out and blogging on the kitchen bar or the dining room table, I wanted my own DIY office table.

I also wanted my new DIY office table to have an industrial and minimal feel to it.

I can’t weld or bend metal, so I was pumped when I figured out how easy it was to create this DIY table with hairpin table legs.

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Speaking of hairpin legs, the lovely folks at Crates and Pallet were generous enough to supply me with a set of their own 28″ black steel 2 rod hairpin legs.

The hairpin legs were super affordable and easy to install.

Materials for your DIY hairpin leg table

  • Hairpin legs– the legs come in all sizes. I’ve chosen 28″ because that is a good height for a table.
  • Wood slab
  • Wood screws
  • Drill

For the wood slab, I had a wood table top that was previously used for THIS table. Do you remember my very controversial table? Here’s a picture below of what it used to look like.

vintage casket carrier repurposed to a dining room table

As much as my husband was thrilled with this table (NOT), he asked me to please refrain from bringing it in our new home when we moved. I can’t imagine why 🙂

The dimensions of the old table top were a little big for the size I wanted my DIY office desk to be. We used a radial saw and ripped the wood slab to make it 22″ deep. We kept the length at 6′.

How to install the hairpin legs on my new office table.

This was the easy part.

  • All I did was flip the wood slab on its top and position the 4 hairpin legs where I wanted them.
DIY hairpin leg table
  • All it took was a few screws and now I had a fully functional and industrial style office table.

Ready to see my new DIY hairpin leg table?

DIY Hairpin Leg Table
DIY Hairpin Leg Table
DIY Hairpin Leg Table
DIY Hairpin Leg Table
DIY Hairpin Leg Table
DIY Hairpin Leg Table
DIY Hairpin Leg Table
DIY Hairpin Leg Table
DIY Hairpin Leg Table
DIY Hairpin Leg Table
DIY Hairpin Leg Table

I love how sleek this space looks. This office table is functional without being overly bulky.

Thanks to these awesome hairpin legs, I completed this office space with minimal to no effort!


HAIRPIN LEGS – 28″ black steel 2 rod




CHAIR– I spray painted the legs gold

ALL WALL DECOR CAME FROM Target Dollar Spot– unfortunately, it’s hit or miss to find these items.

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15 thoughts on “DIY Hairpin Leg Table Anyone Can Create

  1. Super groovy desk! Easy, pretty and so affordable is a win in my book. Thank you for visiting You’re The Star this week. I would like to ask permission to link to this post to show how these legs can be used for the clock table. It is a local class I am teaching. Thank you again for partying at #yts

  2. Really great design. The table is big enough to used by an architecture to put all of their stuffs and also coffee mug. The table has made an outlook so great to create compliments. Its makes such a mood to work every time we see it. Really great design this is.

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