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Closet Turned into the Cutest Kids Reading Nook with only a Few Items

Do you have a reading nook in your home? I got a wild hair one day and decided to transform an old junk closet (ahem, toy closet) into an adorable kids reading nook. My daughter couldn’t be more pleased and I don’t cringe anymore when I look at her closet. Let me show you how I created a closet turned into a reading nook with only a few items.

I’m always on the hunt to make more useable space in our home. Since we don’t have a playroom for my kids, I’m all about maximizing their bedroom space.

First let me share that the door broke off of this closet about six months ago. It was an old bifold door from the 1980’s. Because of this, the “junk closet” was always in sight. Ugh, I hated it.

That’s when I got a brilliant idea for a few reading nook ideas!

The closet before the reading nook

This closet has nice bead board and a good shelf on the top. Since we need the top space for storage I knew I had to find a way to cover it up.

The easiest way to cover up a shelf in a closet is create a curtain (or valence). With a little fabric tape, it’s so easy to turn a curtain into a DIY no sew valence. Remember when I created a DIY valence for my daughters room?

how to make a no sew roman shade or valence

I’m using the same principals to create this valence for her closet turned book nook.

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You can see below where I’ve cut a curtain and I used no sew tape to tape the seam.

cutting the curtain for the reading nook makeover

I used a Target tension rod to attach this to top of the closet to hide the “junk.”

Next I purchased a shallow book shelf to hold her books on the wall. I needed it to hold a handful of books, fit the space and not stick out of the wall too far. I think I found the perfect shelf for her book nook.

shallow shelves for a reading nook

Then I decided to repurpose a pendant light shade that I previously used above my daughters bed. Remember these?

Vintage Chic Bedroom chandelier

What is it about a chandelier that makes girls room decor look super cute?

I purchased a fun Unicorn bean bag for her book nook. I love how soft and plush it is! As far as kids reading nook furniture, it works great!

Book nooks are magical aren’t they? There is something about curling up in a cute reading nook and getting lost in a book.

I want to encourage reading for my kids. I knew if my daughter had a cute place to go and read maybe she would be more prone to do so? Worth a try right?

I thought I could knock out two birds with one stone here; we could get rid of the ugly closet eye sore and create a cute DIY closet turned book nook.

It’s a win win right? That’s just what I did!

I’m so ecstatic with how this kids reading nook turned out I’m trying to figure out how I can make one for my son who despises reading.

Ready to see it?

Closet turned reading nook

DIY book nook
reading nook
kids reading nook
closet turned reading nook
closet turned reading nook
kids book nook
kids reading nook
kids reading nook
closet turned reading nook
closet turned book nook

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closet turned reading nook

Now let’s hope this new reading nook stays that way and doesn’t turn into a toy mess again. Fingers crossed.


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