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Ceiling Curtain Track DIY for a Beautiful and Cozy Twin Bed Nook

Did I ever mention that we have a small back house behind our main house? It’s a little under one thousand square feet with a full kitchen, living room and bedroom upstairs.  If you’ve been following me a while you might remember a recent tile paint project where I painted the old pink tile on the first floor with a dark gray Rustoleum Home tile paint. It worked great and updated the downstairs space well.

ceiling curtain track DIY

Now I’m ready to tackle a small project in the upstairs bedroom. This simple project will include installing ceiling-mounted curtain tracks in place of a traditional curtain rod to create a twin bed nook for guests! The purpose of the curtain track isn’t necessarily to create a room divider, but to make a more cozy space for the twin beds. This was a simple DIY project that really elevated this space. Let me show you!

This is the space with both the twin beds (before we installed the new flooring). The slanted wall has always made it hard for to me to figure out how to place furniture or decorate around it. I ultimately decided to place these twin beds here and then create a little nook with a ceiling curtain track and curtains for privacy. 

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First things first, I ordered the ceiling-mounted track. I decided to install one long track that spanned the length of both beds rather than install a double track. I found a decently priced ceiling track on Amazon that had really good reviews. When I was looking at the track systems, I first ordered a bendable ceiling curtain track thinking I would curve it around the sides of the bed. I quickly changed my mind and re ordered a straight bar track system because I thought it would look a little more high quality as I read that the bendable track’s don’t look super straight when installed. The straight track was a bit of an extra cost, but I knew it would be worth it overall. 

Quick tip; If you are installing a ceiling track mainly for a straight run with one or two small curves, it will look better if you purchase the straight tracks with elbow joint tracks to attach to it. If you are installing a track with mostly curves, opt for buying a bendable track system. 

Installing the ceiling curtain track

The first thing you need to do is decide where the ceiling curtain track will be mounted. I decided to mount the track about halfway up the slanted wall so the curtains would fall right in front of the twin beds. You can see below where I used a straight edge with a level to measure off the slant on the wall to make sure I got a straight line. 

Once I got a straight and level line, I used a stud finder to see if I could drill directly into the wall studs or if I needed drywall anchors. Sadly, I came across no studs so I used drywall anchors for all the hardware.

Below is the hardware I attached to the wall every 18″. 

I made pencil marks every 18″ with the level and straight edge and installed a handful of these ceiling mounts along the ceiling. Next I put the track together in preparation for installing it. Let me show you.

After the track was attached, I added the curtain hooks. They slid easily onto the track.

Once the entire rail was put together, I got some help and attached the track to the ceiling. This was fairly simple as the track just “clicks” in to hardware that I installed every 18″.

Once the ceiling curtain track was in place, I attached the curtains with the hooks that came with my curtain track. Below is what the curtains looked like immediately after I installed them. If I could do this over, I would have purchased curtains that sat up a little higher to cover the track.

When you’re looking for curtains, research the top of your curtains to make sure they will cover the track sufficiently. I loved the color of these simple S fold curtains and I didn’t want to purchase new, so I came up with a plan B to cover the ugly ceiling track.

Hiding the ceiling track with moulding

I purchased a simple 15′ primed 2″ lattice from the local hardware store . I looked at different types of decorative moulding but I decided that ultimately the simpler the better. Also, lattice is lightweight and cheap (aka easy to attach to the wall). 

I was able to place the lattice against the track and secure the wood to the ceiling with my nail gun. When I applied the nails, I angled the gun upward so the nail went from the wood up through the ceiling. Because the lattice is so lightweight, I didn’t have to worry about nailing into a ceiling stud. 

Cozy Twin Bed Nook with a Ceiling Curtain Track DIY

I’m so pleased with how this turned out. I’ve always wanted to install a ceiling curtain track around a bunk bed or set of bunk beds, but this is the next best thing! We have large windows on the back side of this room which let in a lot of natural light. Now if someone wants to take a nap mid day, they can close the curtains on the curtain track for privacy and extra darkness.

I might have been able to create this curtain nook with a large tension rod, but ultimately, I think it will be much more durable and long lasting with a premade ceiling curtain track. 

Ceiling Curtain Track DIY

Curtains make everything more cozy, right?

twin bed nook with ceiling curtain track DIY
twin bed nook with ceiling curtain track DIY

The quilts are super affordable and the best weight for winter and summer! This rug has lasted us a few years and it still looks great! As far as curtains, these curtains from Amazon came highly rated and they haven’t disappointed me yet!

twin bed nook with ceiling curtains

Here is what the curtains look like closed. Don’t mind the fact that I haven’t steamed them yet, I was a little impatient to get them up!

twin bed nook with ceiling curtains

Here is a close up of the moulding. I think it turned out well.

moulding covering ceiling curtain track

I finally added some lovely DIY thin wood floating shelves in the middle of the beds. I think it really completes the look of this space.

DIY thin wood floating shelves

Pretty easy right? As always, thanks for following along.


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  1. Thank you and everyone has a different opinion, but I like the curtain height.

  2. annibiza says:

    Well done but the curtains are too short.