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DIY Tablet Stand from a Paper Towel Roll Tube

Paper towel roll projects are the best aren’t they? Not only are they free, but you get to upcycle something that is just going to waste anyway. I’m sharing a fun DIY tablet stand from a paper towel roll tube. This repurposed paper towel roll craft that is actually pretty darn useful.

I’ll be honest, this isn’t the prettiest DIY. I guess you could make it look good, but at the end of the day a paper towel roll is a paper towel roll no matter how much you disguise it.

Now that you aren’t expecting anything too eye catching, I’m ready share this fun and useful project.

DIY Tablet Stand from a Paper Towel Roll Tube


  • Paper towel tubes
  • Scissors
  • Decorating materials (I used peel and stick contact paper)
  • Pencil or pen
DIY tablet stand from paper towel roll supplies

Making this tablet stand from a paper towel tube is super easy. Side note; this is a great project to give your pre teens. Kids are motivated by anything having to do with technology right?

covering paper towel tube in contact paper

Once I measured how much contact paper I needed to cut, I wrapped the paper towel tube in it.

measuring the paper towel tube for the tablet holder

Lay your tablet near the paper towel tube and put marks where you need to cut.

hole for tablet stand in paper towel tube

As you can see, I didn’t do any fancy measuring or precise cuts.

DIY tablet stand from paper towel roll

Make sure the tablet fits well after you cut the paper towel tube.

DIY tablet stand support

Because the paper towel roll won’t support the tablet on its own, you need to create a “support system.”

I’ve done this by cutting another hole to place another paper towel tube for support.

DIY paper towel tube tablet stand

Now we know the paper towel tube won’t roll and fall over!

Now that we’ve created a stand for a horizontal tablet, it’s time to make cuts to create a vertical tablet stand.

DIY tablet stand vertical

Using the same paper towel rolls, follow the same steps as you did for the horizontal stand.

DIY tablet stand from paper towel roll

Now you have an interchangeable vertical or horizontal tablet stand!

If you are interested in paper towel roll crafts and toilet paper roll crafts, I’ve got loads of them on my other site Crafting with Kids.

Thanks for watching friends. What fun upcycle crafts are you going to do today?

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