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Rust-Oleum HOME Floor Coating Review 2 Years Later

My most asked question on YouTube is; how is your painted tile floor holding up? Is it worth the trouble? Does painted tile floor really last? Well folks, here it is; the good, the bad, and everything in between when it comes to painting tile floors with this Rust-Oleum HOME floor coating review. 

Let’s rewind a minute to two years ago when I painted our old ceramic tile floors with Rust-Oleum HOME floor coating in our back house. 

how to paint ceramic tile

I was amazed at how clean and fresh and modern the painted floor tile looked after I painted over the pink tile. I was so excited to update this space on a budget. I felt like the entire floor got a huge upgrade and a new look. 

using Rust-Oleum floor paint on tile

Let’s get to the details…

painted tile review 2 years later

Why did I choose Rust-Oleum HOME floor coating over other tile paint products?

I searched high and low for the best and easiest tile paint product and this one kept coming up. You can purchase it at Home Depot and it comes in a handful of different colors. It’s claim to fame was “no sanding, no priming, fast drying, and most of all, durability (minimal prep work).” I knew this would be the perfect DIY project for my floors. I was sold.

I was surprised at how easy and quick this project took to complete. Most of the time, it doesn’t even require a second coat of paint! After applying the first coat, it looked good enough that I decided to not use a second coat. Within a few days I felt like I had a new floor! It didn’t cost much and the “floor tile paint set” came with the top coat and base coat! This Rustoleum floor paint really lived up to it’s hype. It made a huge difference! I loved the contrasting color it created against the light walls. 

painted gray tile in living room
Rust-Oleum painted gray tile floors

Now for the reason you are here…

What does my painted tile look like 2 years later?

Before we dive into the after pictures, let me preface this with the fact that the tile has not been taken care of for the last two years. Since this isn’t our “main house,” it does tend to get neglected. Also, we had a friend move in for over a year and I doubt the floors were mopped once. Take that into account when you look at these pictures.

With all that said, surprisingly, it looks about the same (minus a few weird spots)! There are some areas that show a little “dirt and grime” but other than that it’s been super durable and the color hasn’t faded at all. 

Rust-Oleum HOME Floor Coating Review

Here the floors are in the kitchen. Honestly, I can’t tell the difference from the day I painted it! 

Here is a view of the bathroom tile. It still looks great!

Painted tile in the bathroom 2 year review

Here is a shot from the living room. If you look from a distance, you don’t see the spots at the front of the door. There are a few high-traffic areas at the front door. They are to the left and right of it. Surprisingly, I would have thought those areas would have faded a bit, but nope, just weird brown spots. 

painted tile floors in the living room 2 years later

When you open the door and the sun hits the floor you really do see the small spots on the painted floors.

Here are a few up close views of where the metal chair has rubbed the paint.

painted tile floors where metal chair has rubbed

And here are the lovely brown marks that I can’t seem to scrub away. 

If you have any ideas on how to remove these ugly spots or any idea what happened here let me know! I did reach out to Rust-Oleum hoping to get some insight but of course they said it had nothing to do with their product. I do believe the spots are possibly where we got dirt in the sealer before it cured, but I’m just not 100% sure. We did wait 24 hours before allowing light foot traffic but the allotted “cure time” is 7 days. Or maybe it was a super humid week and it just didn’t cure like it should have. Wish I knew!

Final thoughts on the painted tile floor

In a nutshell, I would 800% use this product again! I’m happy with the durability and how it’s held up (minus a few areas, but I can’t promise that wasn’t a “user error”). If I could give any advice, I would tell you that it’s a good idea to give the floor coating (and top coat) plenty of time to cure and make sure to mop it from time to time to prevent brown spots and permanent “dirt.” For best results, mop with a mild cleaner (don’t use an abrasive cleaner) regularly. 

Frequently asked questions;

Can Rust-Oleum HOME Floor Coating be used for a garage floor paint?

No, it is not meant to be used in an exterior space or garage floor coating. This product is for interior floors only. 

Can Rust-Oleum HOME Floor Coating be used on bathroom floors?

For sure, I used it for our small bathroom floor tiles and it’s held up like a champ.

What type of paint rollers need to used to apply the paint?

Rust-OIeum suggests a 3/8-inch nap roller which will provide the smoothest finish.

Can you use Rust-Oleum HOME floor coating on shower tile?

No, Rust-Oleum HOME shouldn’t be used on a shower tile. Rust-Oleum suggests using their Tub & Tile refinishing kit. 

I hope this answers most (or all) of your questions and gives you plenty of insight as to wether or not you should use this product!


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