DIY Snow Globe from a Mason Jar

When I think back on Christmas as a child, I don’t remember the gifts I received, but rather the time and fun activities I shared with family. I can’t tell you my favorite present Santa brought when I was five, but I do remember driving around and looking at the Christmas lights. My point is that Christmas isn’t remembered in gifts, but rather memories of time spent with loved ones. I’m going to try to slow down this year and participate in more fun activities with my kids. This easy DIY snow globe from a mason jar will be the first!DIY Snow globe from a mason jar

My kids love to create. More than that they love when we can create together. 

This isn’t the prettiest snow globe, and if I could do it over I would have done a few things differently.

(As a matter of fact, my husband asked if I peed in a mason jar and put a bow on it. Oh my sweet husband. I’ll leave it at that).


This is an easy craft that anyone can create with loved ones around the holidays.

Heck, it doesn’t even have to be the holidays to create this.

My son asked if he could make a DIY snow globe with his legos!

Of course you can!

This project is more about creating memories than creating something magazine worthy.

I’m just sharing the idea with which you can use to spend time with your family.

So put the tablets and the TV to the side, pull out a few old mason jars, grab some Elmer’s glue and a few small trinkets and let’s get started!

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A quick recap on how to create your own snow globe from a mason jar.

  1. Hot glue your “trinket” to the lid of the mason jar
  2. Pour a small amount of glue in the mason jar (pour 1/2 the jar for clear glue and 1/4 the jar for colored glue)
  3. Add your sparkles or glitter
  4. Fill the rest of the mason jar with water
  5. Stir it up
  6. Add your lid
  7. Decorate the lid with ribbon (optional)

DIY snow globe from a mason jar


I hope you’ll give this fun and easy craft a try! Let’s all try to be a little more intentional about the “doing and giving” and not the “receiving” side of Christmas (I’m talking mainly to myself here).


12 thoughts on “DIY Snow Globe from a Mason Jar

  1. Hi Lindsey! Such a cute idea… I had forgotten about little snow globes and how much fun they are. Thanks for sharing the tutorial and coming over to Share Your Style. Pinned and would like to share for next week as a feature, if I may? I tried to pick up the photo to work on the post but of course we are all protected now. 🙂

    Would you send me a copy as an attachment to my email? It’d be fun to feature your Santa!

    Enjoy your Thanksgiving,
    Hugs and blessings,
    Barb 🙂

    1. Hi there!
      I just saw this comment, I’m so sorry. If you still want to feature it I would love to send you a picture. If so, give me your email and I’ll send you a picture. Again, so sorry for the delayed response.

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