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Craft Cabinet Armoire with some Craft Cabinet Organization Ideas

I’ve always wanted a nicely organized craft room. Since I don’t have an office in our current home, or even a dedicated craft closet, I knew I had to get a little creative when it came to keeping all my craft supplies. My best solution was to purchase an armoire and call it my new craft cabinet. I can’t wait to show you what it looks like and how I organized it.

I know I’ve mentioned before that we definitely downsized when we moved from our previous home (builder grade modern farmhouse style) to our current home (rustic beach house). Not only did we lose square footage but we lost lots of closet space. Other than the bedrooms, we have no extra closets. I guess that’s what you get when you move from a newer home to an older one.

I scoured the web searching for an affordable armoire or large storage cabinet to store most of my craft supplies. Let me show you what I wound up with.

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Our new Craft Cabinet

craft cabinet armoire

I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on a fancy cabinet so I searched high and low for affordability and a piece of furniture that would blend with the rest of my decor.

craft cabinet armoire storage

I love how it has all this deep storage in one of the doors too! The clean lines and white cabinet blend well with this room.

Craft Cabinet Organization

Let me preface this by saying I don’t have a TON of craft supplies. Actually, I’ve sort of turned into a semi minimalist over the past few years. I know that sounds crazy but I try to only buy what I know I will use.

As far as things like spray paint and paint in a can, I don’t keep them over a few years because I find that they do go bad.

Here we go….my organized craft cabinet.

craft cabinet organization

This is the left side of the cabinet. I’m using the top shelf for miscellaneous items like no sew fabric tape, goo gone, measuring tape and spray adhesive.

I had some spice racks that I wasn’t using that work perfectly here.

I also had a handful of un used glass jars that I’m storing other miscellaneous items in. Giving all the glass jars or storage bins the same look really makes your craft cabinet look more pleasing. You can see where most of my glass jars have that mercury glass look.

How to store ribbon in a craft closet or craft cabinet

craft cabinet organization with ribbon

The best way to store ribbon for craft cabinet organization is to purchase small tension rods and put the spools through the rods. Tensions rods are great because when you need to remove or add one of the spools, they are easy to pull off of the cabinet and put back on.

Dowel rods work too, but they can’t adjust to different widths. You have to cut them perfectly and find a way to attach them to the cabinet or closet. I find that tension rods are the way to go.

I’m not sure where I saw this (probably Pinterest) but I thought it was a genius idea and I had to replicate it!

How to organize small bottles of paint in a craft closet or craft cabinet

craft cabinet organization with paint

Once again I’ve used a few spice racks to store most of my acrylic paint and small bottles of chalk paint. The spice racks are great because they provide different levels so I can see all my paint without having to dig around.

On the right side of the shelf you can see where I’m using another glass jar with glue sticks and my hot glue gun. The large piece of wood next to it is what I use to lay my hot glue gun on when it’s in use. I’m using the space behind it to store colorful contact paper.

craft cabinet organization with paint
craft cabinet organization with glue sticks

The bottom part of the cabinet is being used for all my blogging video equipment. This could also be a great space to store wrapping paper!

Let’s move on the right side of the craft cabinet.

craft cabinet organization

You can see on the top shelf where I’m storing yarn. Other than placing yarn in different bins, I couldn’t think of another way to store it. So it has its own dedicated shelf.

The next shelf is where I’m keeping most of my spray paint. Most people keep spray paint in a garage but I find that it’s easier for me to plan projects and access the paint when I have it with my craft supplies.

craft cabinet organization with spray paint

I had two extra terra cotta pots that I’m using to store paintbrushes in.

paint brushes organized in a craft cabinet
craft cabinet organization with brushes and cans

On the bottom shelf I’m storing tools and toolboxes.

On the shelves in the door on the right side I’m storing brown paper and contact paper on the bottom two shelves.

A little trick to storing small items like beads and jewels; reuse old Clorox wipe containers!

I’ve also got more glass vases for things like pipe cleaners and scissors.

craft cabinet organization in door

I love having those deep shelves in the doors!

craft cabinet organization
craft cabinet organization

And that’s it for this craft cabinet!

craft cabinet organization

So far I’m loving my new Wayfair purchase. What do you think?

Thanks for following along guys,


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  1. Yvonne Butler says:

    Your site has so many ads cluttering up the site that it is difficult to scroll through and see what you actually have done. Unfortunately it is very distracting. I understand that you make income from this site and while that’s fine it is not a site I want to come back to as it is now.

  2. Lee Nicholl says:

    I would love to know which cabinet you bought from Wayfair.