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Best Jig Saw Models of 2024 

Jigsaws are one of the first tools I ever owned. When I first started working with tools, they didn’t seem as intimidating as some other larger tools like a circular saw or miter saw. They’re a very versatile tool that can create accurate cuts and shapes in materials like wood, metal, and plastic. They can also make a variety of cuts from straight cuts to complex curves.  

While the history of the jigsaw dates back to the 1940s, today’s models come with a wide array of features such as variable speeds, orbital settings for aggressive cuts, and beveling capabilities for angled cuts.

A few things to look at when purchasing a jigsaw is; first, the type of blade the tool accepts. T-shank blades are widely supported and offer a tool-less change system, which can save time and effort during a busy project. Power is another important factor, with corded jigsaws typically offering more consistent strength, while cordless models offer convenience and portability. The motor’s amperage indicates the tool’s power, with higher amps capable of cutting through tougher materials. Look for a model with a variable speed dial to control the cutting speed, which is important for precision work on different materials and to create a nice cut line. Some models also have dust blowers and LED lights so you can see well while cutting straight lines.

Best jig saw models

I’ve looked at a handful of jigsaw models on Amazon, so I’m sharing these power saws with you today!

Disclosure; this post contains affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. This does not affect the price you pay. This disclosure statement refers to the rest of the Amazon links in this post.

Top Jigsaw Choices

When I set out to find the best jigsaws on the market, I took into account power, precision, and comfort during use. I also considered various features such as motor strength, speed variability, blade types, and overall ergonomics. Here are the jigsaws that delivered the best results with reviews.


Black and Decker jig saw

We think you’ll appreciate this jig saw for its precise cuts and user-friendly features that make it a good option for a variety of projects.


  • Customizable orbit settings for intricate cuts
  • Beveling up to 45 degrees adds versatility
  • Wire guard improves visibility for accurate following of cut lines


  • Dust blower may not fully clear all debris
  • Could be louder than expected during operation
  • Supplied blade may not suffice for finer cuts, necessitating additional purchases

A few things I noticed from the reviews:

The Curve Control technology is particularly useful, allowing you to adjust the saw’s orbit for perfect rounded corners, a clean cut and better control. 

The built-in wire guard also seemed to stand out by providing a clear line of sight; a feature that’s great for precision. The rubber over-mold on the top handle seems to be a nice touch, avoiding any slippage. 

Noise is an inevitable part to power tools but this saw got some noise complaints. Finally, the blade included, seemed sufficient for rough cuts, but reviewers suggested investing in a set of high-quality blades to maximize this jig saw’s potential.

WEN 6.6A Jigsaw

Wen Variable speed jig saw

We found this jigsaw to be a robust tool suitable for anyone looking to tackle a variety of cutting projects with precision and ease.


  • Versatile cutting with four-position orbital action
  • Improved visibility with integrated laser and LED light
  • Quick blade changes thanks to the tool-free chuck


  • Can be hefty for extended use
  • The dust extraction system could be more effective
  • A carrying case for storage is not included

The first thing reviewers noticed was the sheer power of the 6.6-amp motor; it’s obvious that this tool isn’t a lightweight contender in its category. It tackled different materials with little to no effort, and they were able to make both straight and intricate cuts.

The inclusion of the onboard laser and LED light stood out too. Also, the variable-speed dial gave more flexibility for cutting requirements.

As robust as it is, this wasn’t much of a setback, because it seems the positive trade-off was its evident durability and stability. 


We found that the DEWALT 20V MAX XR Jig Saw offers robust performance, making it an exceptional tool for precision cutting across various materials. Dewalt is a great and trusted brand, but you will pay more for this product than a few others on the list.

Dewalt Jig Saw


  • Quick, tool-less blade changes with the all-metal lever-action clamp
  • Adjustable bevel angles and orbital action for diverse cutting needs
  • Comfortable grip and balance, enhancing control during use


  • Battery and charger must be purchased separately
  • Dust blower effectiveness can vary depending on the material
  • The tool’s weight may be challenging for extended overhead work

The DEWALT Jig Saw got great reviews mainly about it’s power. Reviewers said that adjusting the bevel or switching between straight and orbital bevel cuts was very straightforward. 

The anti-slip grip also got a lot of good comments. It’s clear that DEWALT paid close attention to the ergonomics when designing this saw.

One big downside if having to buy batteries and a charger separately, which might be an inconvenience for those who don’t already own compatible DEWALT batteries. It’s also at the higher price point in comparison to the other saws.

SKIL 5 Amp Jig Saw

We recommend the SKIL 5 Amp Corded Jig Saw for its ease of use and overall value, making it an excellent choice for a variety of cutting projects.


  • Tool-free blade change system streamlines our workflow
  • Variable speed control and brake enhance cutting precision
  • 4-stage orbital function enhances cutting efficiency across materials


  • Not ideal for professional, heavy-duty use
  • Lacks an LED light for improved visibility during cuts
  • The corded design may limit maneuverability

One positive talked about with reviewers is the tool-free blade change system. Switching between blades mid-project wasn’t an issue.

Some also said that cutting at various angles was a breeze as well. The shoe bevel adjustment made accurate angled cuts. It’s clear that SKIL kept user convenience in mind with this feature.

One huge downfall is that it doesn’t have a built-in LED light which could have improved visibility, especially in dimly lit spaces.

It seems that this is a great saw for beginners and simple projects but not for heavy duty, professional work. 

Black+Decker EasyCut Jig Saw

If you need an affordable, dependable and straightforward tool for diverse cutting jobs, this jig saw should be in your arsenal. This is one of the cheaper saws, but still delivers a good performance.


  • Effortlessly cuts through various materials
  • Blade swaps are a breeze with the tool-free mechanism
  • Impressively accurate with the clear wire guard


  • The dust blower could be stronger
  • Base plate adjustment can be tricky initially
  • Corded design power source restricts mobility to some extent

A lot of reviewers said the BLACK+DECKER 4.5 Amp electric jig saw was very light weight and compact which makes it simple to handle. The variable speeds help control the material’s resistance. If you are looking for a maximum speed or lower speeds, this tool has it!

It has a quick-clamp blade system; you are able to swap out blades mid-project. The impressive wire guard is also a huge help to keep a clean line of sight to ensure cuts are straight and true. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What features should I look for in a high-quality cordless jigsaw?

When selecting a high-quality cordless jigsaw, look for one with a brushless motor for greater efficiency and longevity. Vibration control, variable speed settings, and an easy blade-changing mechanism are also important features that enhance the tool’s performance and user convenience.

How do I choose the best jigsaw for a beginner woodworker?

Beginner woodworkers should opt for a jigsaw that is user-friendly and reliable. Look for a model with straightforward controls, a moderate power output suitable for learning, and a good selection of blade types to experiment with different cuts.

What are the most cost-effective jigsaw models that provide professional results?

Models like the Bosch jigsaws, model JS470E and the Dewalt DW317K offer a balance between affordability and professional-level functionality. These jigsaws deliver reliable performance and durability without breaking the bank.

Which jigsaw blades are recommended for achieving the smoothest cuts?

For the smoothest cuts, select high-quality, fine-tooth blades. Blades made from high-carbon steel (HCS) or bi-metal are often recommended for their ability to produce clean cuts in various materials with minimal tear-out.

What are the benefits of a corded jigsaw over a cordless model?

Corded jigsaws provide consistent power without the need for battery changes or recharging, making them ideal for prolonged use. They typically offer more power and a steadier experience, which is important for demanding or continuous work. I tend to prefer the corded models better for consistency but they are more of a paint to work around. 

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