What is Farmhouse Style?

I’m not going to act like I’m a pro at this, but I have noticed a few things over the years about a COTTAGE or FARMHOUSE STYLE DECOR.  It’s funny looking back and seeing how my style has evolved. Years ago when we bought our first house (10 years exactly), I remember wanting to decorate in bold colors; deep reds, dark greens, heavy dark wood furniture. How did we get from that style to wanting to decorate with all white and vintage goodies?

One word: Farmhouse Style.

What is Farmhouse Style

Thanks to Pinterest, and all the internet inspiration, I would say I have taken up a love for anything “VINTAGE, FARMHOUSE, COTTAGE, FRENCH FARMHOUSE, or WHITE.”

These styles seem so elegant, yet comfortable and beautiful. I love a home that is light, bright and airy. So, this being said, I feel like the “FARMHOUSE STYLE” and “FARMHOUSE DECORATING” is all about VINTAGE furniture, open shelving, a comfortable environment, lots of white, lots of wood and pops of greenery. I have made some observations over the past year or so while “cultivating” my love for these styles. I will try to outline them below.

  1. Use VINTAGE items around the home for things like displaying books, holding flowers, and decorating book cases. For example, I found this vintage “one gallon” glass bottle at an antique store and knew it would be perfect for holding a few flowers!FARMHOUSE STYLE
  2. Styling with vintage goodies is the “thing” right now. So don’t be afraid to display some fun old items you might have laying in the attic because you don’t know what to do with it! Below is my husbands grandfathers ANTIQUE RR LANTERN that we had lying in the garage. Why not display an item that has so much rich history and old goodness! I’ve paired some very cheap flowers with it I bought at Walmart. Now, together, I think they make a very pretty pairing!FARMHOUSE STYLE
  3. When styling, try to pair items with different heights next to each other. For example, in the image below, you have a lantern (fairly low height) paired next to a candlestick (high height) then paired next to the plantar (low height) then paired next to another candlestick that has a high height…you get the point. They key with making a table setting, arrangement, or just styling a cabinet, is pairing different textures, heights and colors next to each other. This, in my opinion, is the  BIGGEST mistake people make when trying to style their home. FARMHOUSE STYLE
  4. OPEN SHELVING; need I say more!!!!! This seems to be the big trend right now,  and for a very good reason! I previously had my china in a beautiful corner cabinet, tucked away very carefully. The big problem; no one could see my china! So when I had to give my corner cupboard back to a family member, I decided it was time to take on a fun project. I built the open shelving in the picture above specifically to display my china and I’ve been so pleased with how it turned out. To see my post on these DIY Floating dining room shelves click HERE.
  5. WHITE WHITE WHITE. White dishes, white walls, white curtains, everything white says “farmhouse, cottage” style. Gone are the days of dark colors, heavy curtains, big and heavy furniture. If you are trying to set a farmhouse style for your home, please take those heavy curtains down, paint your bulky furniture white, and change the paint colors on the wall! As my style was evolving, I found myself painting and repainting our walls. My husband was very critical at first because he said the colors were too light, BUT the more time passes, the more he LOVES it. Don’t be afraid to go too light. My experience, you won’t ever regret going too light, but you will regret going too dark. You can always add color to the room with accessories, but if the walls are too dark, there is nothing you can do but paint over it.
  6. Shiplap, bead board, board and batten, anything to add character to your walls screams “FARMHOUSE VINTAGE” style. we recently installed bead board as a kitchen backsplash and I LOVE IT! I think it really creates a cozy, cottage vibe. FARMHOUSE STYLE BOARD AND BATTEN
  7. Signs! Signs create a welcoming feeling. I hate to keep referring to her, but Joanna Gaines uses them at least once in every home she “fixes up.” I created my own Bakery Sign similar to the one I saw in her home. I love the way my bakery sign creates character to our breakfast nook. To see this post on my DIY Bakery Sign click HERE.FARMHOUSE STYLE BAKERY SIGN

To summarize FARMHOUST STYLE: Vintage, Simple, White, Signs, lots of wood, and open shelving.



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