Wood Dye vs.  Wood  Stain

Is there  a difference?

Wood stains are used  to not only color the  wood, but often times  they are used to  add a layer of  protection to it.

Wood dyes, on the other hand, penetrate the wood and do not give a protective layer like most wood stains do.


Wood stains are similar to paint in that they both are primarily surface coatings. Dye’s, on the other hand, penetrate deep because the molecules are smaller.


If you want to achieve a rich color, you can use both together! Apply the wood dye first so it penetrates the wood and then add the stain over it.

Also, wood dye’s can be mixed into solvents like Shellac, lacquers or water based finishes.

PROS OF WOOD DYE: – Translucent – No harmful odors – Comes in an array of colors – Easy clean up – Can be mixed with other solvents and sealers

PROS OF WOOD STAIN: – Very Durable – Easier to apply because they don’t dry as quick as wood dye’s – Works better with outdoor wood – Comes in either oil or water based


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