I am convinced that buying anything on a strict budget requires more creativity and “thriftiness” (I just made that word up!). This is more self satisfying anyway than being able to buy whatever looks good. Β Have you guys noticed that Antique shops aren’t that cheap anymore? Β Sometimes the best places to find a bargain are in every day shops like Target. Don’t ever discredit the Target dollar spot, where you can find great decor items like this craft TOOLBOX I turned into TOOLBOX PLANTER DECOR. You won’t believe what I paid for it…

Toolbox Planter Decor

I’ve been seeing these “ANTIQUE TOOLBOXES” used as flower planters and decor pieces, and I just had to have one!

I looked around at a few home decor shops and Whew!, they were a little pricey (maybe I’m cheap). Β Like I said before, the Target dollar spot should never be discredited; especially when they carry items like this for only Β $5!!!!!!

Now, when I purchased the “toolbox,” it didn’t look exactly like the picture above. Here is how I’ve transformed it.


Here she is before paint, very dull and boring. All I did was paint her white, then completed it with a layer of dark wax to give it an “aged, vintage” look.


I probably didn’t need to paint it white, It would have looked just as good with a little dark wax.

It’s crazy how easy it is to “antique” an item with a little dark wax.

If you’ve never used it, and you love the “weathered” look, I would suggest giving it a try. I used a lint free cloth and wiped the wax on, then waited about 2 hours for it to dry and then I was done!

With a little greenery from Hobby Lobby it is finished!

Way to go Target Dollar Spot.

Budget friendly TOOLBOX PLANTER decor for the Win!


Lindsey ***

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