I am convinced that buying anything on a strict budget requires more creativity and “thriftiness” (I just made that word up!). This is more self satisfying anyway than being able to buy whatever looks good.  Have you guys noticed that Antique shops aren’t that cheap anymore?  Sometimes the best places to find a bargain are in every day shops like Target. Don’t ever discredit the Target dollar spot, where you can find great decor items like this craft TOOLBOX I turned into TOOLBOX PLANTER DECOR. You won’t believe what I paid for it…

Toolbox Planter Decor

I’ve been seeing these “ANTIQUE TOOLBOXES” used as flower planters and decor pieces, and I just had to have one!

I looked around at a few home decor shops and Whew!, they were a little pricey (maybe I’m cheap).  Like I said before, the Target dollar spot should never be discredited; especially when they carry items like this for only  $5!!!!!!

Now, when I purchased the “toolbox,” it didn’t look exactly like the picture above. Here is how I’ve transformed it.


Here she is before paint, very dull and boring. All I did was paint her white, then completed it with a layer of dark wax to give it an “aged, vintage” look.


I probably didn’t need to paint it white, It would have looked just as good with a little dark wax.

It’s crazy how easy it is to “antique” an item with a little dark wax.

If you’ve never used it, and you love the “weathered” look, I would suggest giving it a try. I used a lint free cloth and wiped the wax on, then waited about 2 hours for it to dry and then I was done!

With a little greenery from Hobby Lobby it is finished!

Way to go Target Dollar Spot.

Budget friendly TOOLBOX PLANTER decor for the Win!


Lindsey ***

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