The Joys of DIY and Why It’s Worth the Investment

I think it’s pretty clear that I love to create. Whether it’s refinishing a piece of furniture or creating a new craft out of repurposed finds, I love all of it. One of the most common arguments to getting into any DIY  is the investment. Most people would argue that the cost of learning and preparing for a DIY project far outweigh the benefits. For instance, they’ll say that buying the tools and gear required to perform a DIY cost more than simply hiring a contractor to do it for you. But what’s the fun in that? 

The Joys in DIY and why it's worth the investment


While that may be true, it’s only the initial investment that costs a considerable amount. In addition to learning about the craft you’re interested in, there’s very little to actually learn or purchase and once you’ve done it once, you never have to worry about it again. There are also far fewer hidden costs in DIY than you might expect.

I’ll be honest, I don’t have a lot of tools in my garage. Most of my projects are not “super involved” when it comes to needing a lot of tools. If I do find that I need a tool I don’t have, I have family I can borrow them from.

faux fireplace

I had to use a table saw to cut down these birch pieces, so I used a friends rather than buying my own.

I wanted to share a few ideas about the Joys of a good DIY and why some things might be worth the investment.

  • Know the Tools You Buy

Learning how to use your tools is important no matter what hobby or interest you have. This is because you need to know how the tools work, the weaknesses and strengths of the tools and also the safety concerns involved when using it. If you need a specialized power tool such as a miter saw, then you’ll need to look at websites such as Straight Kerfs to decide which one suits your budget and needs. With all of this information that you learn, you’ll gradually build up an understanding of how DIY works, the important tools you need and much of this knowledge is transferable and useful in other DIY situations.

Personally, if I find I’m going to need a tool more than  a few times a year, it’s worth it to me to purchase it.

  • Save Money

Sure, the initial investment is going to set you back quite a lot. However, if you find yourself constantly planning renovations and never going through with them because the cost is a little too much, then consider purchasing the tools, materials and gear required to do it yourself. You’ll save money with DIY and you’ll be able to perform your own home renovations. Whether it’s changing the decor in your bedroom or installing a new toilet, you’ll have the knowledge, skills and equipment to do so without any real problems. It’s a major convenience and you could even help out friends and family members with their repairs and maintenance.

  • Be Creative

DIY opens up the door to creativity. Some would consider DIY to be a creative art and it’s easy to see why when there are ways to repurpose wooden crates and reuse old water bottles as planters around the home. The more knowledge and tools you have, the more creative you can be with your DIY. You’ll see creative ways to repurpose scrap bits of wood like I did with this piece of plywood in the picture below.

easy image transfer 4

You’ll save money by making your own things and it’s a lot of fun to turn what people think of as junk into something useful. There are many ways to utilize a DIY project, and you’re only limited by your own creativity.

What’s the next DIY on your list?

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