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Target Dollar Spot Decor with a DIY Halloween Welcome Sign

Learn how to make this cute DIY Halloween Welcome Sign with supplies from the Target Dollar Spot. For not a lot of money and not much time, you can create this light up DIY halloween sign!

I have a love/hate relationship with the Target Dollar Spot. What I mean is that sometimes they have great stuff and then sometimes I get suckered into buying a few things just because I think it’s a good deal (when in reality they eventually end up in our pile of stuff to head to the thrift store).

That being said, what I do LOVE about the Target Dollar Spot is the holiday decor! They have the best and most affordable holiday items. This Halloween season was no exception! I got some great stuff and I even made a really awesome spooky sign that I want to show you.

Target Dollar Spot Halloween

I love all the small but intricate decor they have out for Halloween this year.

Target Dollar Spot Halloween

You see the Welcome sign at the bottom? It’s easy to miss.

Target Dollar Spot Halloween

By the way, if you are interested, last year I decorated my mantel for Halloween with only items from the Target Dollar Spot. Make sure to check it out before you leave!

halloween mantel decor from Target dollar spot

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Target Halloween Dollar Spot haul

Here are the goodies I got from the Target Dollar Spot below. They had some really neat stuff this year. Don’t you love those little potion bottles? They were only $1!

Target Dollar Spot Halloween decor with Welcome Sign

I chose to paint the welcome sign with a glittery Unicorn Spit stain to give it a fun Halloween themed color!

Unicorn Spit Gel stain used for Halloween sign

I started by applying the Unicorn gel stain with a chip brush. Make sure to watch the full tutorial in the video, but in a nutshell here is what I did;

  1. Spray the welcome sign with a misting spray bottle of water
  2. Apply the orange gel stain with a chip brush
  3. Immediately wipe away the excess with a paper towel
  4. Apply the green gel stain with a chip brush and wipe away excess
  5. Apply the purple gel stain with a chip brush and wipe away excess

I did not wait for each color to dry before I applied the new color. I wanted the colors to blend.

painted Welcome sign from Target dollar spot
side view of Welcome sign from Target dollar spot

I love how this stain product shimmers! If you haven’t ever used Unicorn Spit I would highly recommend it.

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After the gel stain was dry, I used a black paint marker to make the letter in the Welcome sign a little darker.

Welcome sign from Target Dollar Spot

The last step was to seal the wood surface with a polyurethane product.

The second to last thing I did was wrap these fairy lights around the black broom.

Target Dollar Spot witches broom with fairy lights

The cool thing about these lights is that it comes with a battery pack so no need for an outlet.

Last step, hot glue it all together!

I made sure to glue the broom first and then add the other decor items from biggest to smallest making sure to “balance” everything out.

DIY Halloween sign with Target dollar spot supplies

I love how it turned out!

DIY Halloween sign with Target dollar spot supplies

I think my favorite is still the twinkly fairy lights on the broom.

Because the fairy lights are copper, it looks good even when they aren’t turned on.

DIY Halloween welcome sign from the Target Dollar Spot

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