Streamlining Technology with Beauty and Functionality

I know I’m not that old, but I still remember the days without cell phones or computers. I can even remember opening the front door and seeing the encyclopedia salesman!  Wow, that seems like decades ago (well maybe it WAS, ok now I’m dating myself). My point is, technology has evolved from these huge boxy looking computers and extra large cell phones, to small handheld devices and IPad’s. In the past decade we have seen a huge trend in streamlining technology with beauty AND functionality.

beauty and functionality in technology

As you’ve noticed, we’ve been updating our house (little pieces here and there) over the past few years. We’ve replaced most of the builder grade lighting, painted all the walls,  and added lots of custom touches here and there.

What about changing out the electrical outlets and light switches? Do they need to be updated? Have they changed their looks or functionality in the past few decades?

Where am I going with all of this information?

Technology has changed, business is always changing, and the functionality of our home technology (light switches, electrical outlets, etc.)  need to change too.

In a world that runs on laptops , smart phones and tablets, I’m surprised we don’t see more electrical outlets with USB plugins. I’m even surprised that we haven’t seen a huge “facelift” for most light switches.
Note: Legrand provided me with these products in exchange for posting pictures and a blog post. Rest assured all the opinions here are my own, and I would never promote a product I did not believe in or did not approve of. 

Are there companies today that are recreating the look and functionality of modern electrical outlets and switches? Yes! One company in particular is Legrand.

Legrand recently introduced the radiant collection, a line of budget-friendly lighting controls inclusive of switches, outlets, dimmers and home automation controls.

Let’s just say this company had me at “budget friendly.”   Let’s be honest, there are tons of “tech upgrades” you can purchase for your home, but they aren’t necessarily cheap.

Since I couldn’t replace ALL the switches and outlets at one time, I wanted a product that matched my MODERN FARMHOUSE STYLE.

If you have followed me for any time, you know my style and design (DIY’s, furniture projects, you name it) incorporates a few key points:

  • Budget Friendly
  • Modern farmhouse/coastal cottage style
  • easy and functional

Because of this, the radiant collection by Legrand really drew me in with it’s clean lines and screw-less wall plates.  This product isn’t only budget friendly, BUT stylish and functional.

Ok I’m sold….

Let me share with you my builder grade (blah) boring outlets and switches.



The big USB connector was always an eye sore in the middle of my kitchen.

Legrand 4

You’re probably thinking “do the light switches matter that much? Is it really that big of a deal.”  Honestly, I wondered the same thing.

My husband and I have talked frequently about switching the old “builder grade” outlets with new ones that include USB ports.

When I started looking over the products at the Legrand website, I was shocked at the functionality of the plain old electrical outlets! Yes, I know they are functional, but how about adding a night light to a GFI plug? Or how about being able to adjust the light from your phone with a WIFI ready switch?  Best of all, these products don’t break the bank! This takes functionality to a whole new level.

Also, did I mention they’ve streamlined the look of the outlets and switches by creating low profile wall plates with NO SCREWS!

Ok, enough talking about this, it’s time to share some pictures.

beauty and functionality in technology

beauty and functionality in technology

I love the sleek, clean look of these wall plates without screws!

beauty and functionality in technology

beauty and functionality in technology

Streamlining Technology with Beauty and Functionality

How cool is this night light? We used to have a few night lights plugged into the outlets in the kitchen, but somehow they always ended up disappearing (or being moved to other rooms, but not anymore!).


Bit by bit, little by little, we are beginning to update this home; even the light switches and electrical outlets. Why not! It doesn’t take a lot of time or money to add beauty AND functionality to your home with these new switches and outlets.  At least I have a little more peace of mind knowing that my 2 year old can see when she stumbles into the kitchen at 3 AM for a nightly snack (yeah, EVERY NIGHT!).

What sort of technology makes your life easier and looks good?


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