Something Old or Something New?

Do you love a move in ready home? Or are you a “get your hands dirty and create some sweat equity” kind of person? Do you prefer something run down that needs a little love, or something brand new that just requires some furnishing? While there is a market out there for people looking to invest in a fixer-upper, there is a much bigger market of people looking to move-in-ready home. But what’s the fun in that? 

You know I’m always up for a challenge, so buying something I can put my stamp on is my  “cup of tea.”  From landscaping to bathroom updates to even garage doors 101, I’m open to a little work.  I want to share with you a few fun ideas I found to create more space in your home or just update a space, all the while keeping money in mind (of course!). 

What if updating the space isn’t the problem, but rather, needing MORE space. It’s a big job and it can cost money, but converting the loft or even an attic space into another room adds both value and space. Of course, it will take a lot of research about planning permission, but if you can spend a little to earn a lot, why wouldn’t you do it?

Converting an attic space

Source: Pinterest

Converting attic space

Source: Pinterest

How about this one above for extra guest storage (or even your kids sleep overs?).

What about a Kitchen Upgrade? Most people go straight for the kitchen when they look for a new home.  The kitchen is the hub of the home, and most people would say it sells the house.  

A new trend in kitchens today is open shelving. You can create this look with an industrial style open shelving,  Or just plain old floating shelves.  Below are a few kitchens from pinterest that really inspire me with open shelving.

Source: Pinterst

Source : Pinterest

Believe it or not, open shelving can be by far cheaper than installing cabinets. As long as you love the open shelving look,  you can save on kitchen renovation costs and create an updated look for less!

How about transforming your garage into another room? Some people like the idea of converting a garage into another living space in the home. Others prefer to clear the garage of all junk and use it as it was intended: for cars. You can up the value of your home with either of these ideas. An extra living space will have an impact on how much you can sell your home for and if you don’t want to convert the space, you can add in features like extra security and automated doors. These things will add dollars to your asking price.

What are some of your best updated spaces? I’m always looking for inspiration, so feel free to share budget friendly ideas on how to create new spaces! I might just have to start a new series on sharing spaces, mine and some of my readers 🙂

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