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Simple DIY Lego Table or Craft Table for Small Toys or Supplies

A simple Lego storage idea to organizing Legos or anything small. This includes a tutorial on how I made a DIY Lego Table.

CALLING ALL MOMS who need a good Lego storage solution(or any moms in need of a good toy storage idea).  Have you ever hit your limit with toys and find yourself saying, “that’s it! we’re organizing these toys once and for all?”  I hit this limit and that’s when I decided to create my own Simple DIY Lego table or craft table for small toys or supplies.

DIY Lego Table or Craft Storage Table

I’m all about creating new toy storage solutions. As a matter of fact I had planned on creating something similar in my sons room long ago. Like I said earlier I hit my “toy limit” and hashed out this easy DIY toy table in just a few hours.

I was tired of stepping all over those small toys that ended up everywhere! I know you know what I’m talking about. I’m talking about all those tiny, random, never-to-be-in-the-same-place-again, little pieces of LEGOS!

Now that I’ve vented my frustrations and called in FEMA to help clean up this mess (maybe I shouldn’t be this dramatic), It’s time to get started on a new idea;

How to create a DIY Lego table

I started this project by brainstorming an affordable and easy lego storage solution.

I decided my best option was to create a DIY toy table with lots of storage.

If I could find a stable storage base, I knew I could buy a piece of plywood to use as the table top for very little money. I also wanted the table to be long enough to fit at least 2 chairs under it.

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Materials for the DIY craft table or DIY lego table

  1. 3 Storage Bins around 2 feet high (this is a good height for kids table)
  2. Plywood – I wanted at least 1/2 inch thick for stability
  3. 3 packages of 3M command strips to secure the wood to the storage bins
  4. sand paper to sand the plywood
  5. stain
  6. sealer

Here is what I found:

I wanted the table to be about 2 feet high (this is a good height for a kids table), so I looked for similar storage bins. I liked this one because you couldn’t see all the “junk (or small pieces) inside the bins.  I’ve attached an affiliate link below to this storage bin for more information.

Here is the plywood I purchased:

plywood for lego table

The plywood is 1/2 inch thick, 78″ long by 20″ wide (I had the hardware store cut it to these measurements).

How I completed the wood top:

  1. Sand the top and sides until it is fairly smooth. It’s plywood, so it won’t ever be super smooth, but I wanted to make sure all the “loose splinters” were gone.
  2. Stain the wood with Minwax stain dark walnut. I applied two coats.
  3. Apply a few coats of Minwax Clear Brush Laquer. I used 3 coats.

How to put the DIY lego storage table together

  • After I measured and decided how far apart I wanted the bins,  I added the 3M strips to the top to secure the plywood to the bins.
putting lego table together
  • I added 4 strips per storage bin.
adding 3M strips to lego table
  • Place the wood piece securely on top of the bins and bear down to make sure the top sticks to the bins.

Once I secured the piece of wood to the bins, my simple lego storage table was done!

Note: I get a lot of questions about the stability of the plywood top with the 3M strips. If you position the plywood in the center of the bins, and use four strips per bin, then it should be plenty stable. That being said, if you have a kiddo that might be a little more destructive than the 3M strips can handle, you might opt for a more permanent solution like screws.

DIY Lego Table or Craft Storage Table
DIY Lego Table or Craft Storage Table
DIY Lego Table or Craft Storage Table
lego's on top of lego table
DIY Lego Table or Craft Storage Table
DIY Lego Table or Craft Storage Table
DIY Lego Table or Craft Storage Table
Lego storage table
DIY Lego Table or Craft Storage Table
DIY Lego Table or Craft Storage Table
DIY lego table or small toy storage table

My kids love their new DIY lego storage table!

This table could easily be used as a craft table or a storage table for anything relatively small.

P.S. I’ve got a great craft storage cabinet if you need more craft storage!

Best part, momma loves this table even more! Do the Legos always stay in the bins? No, but the kids are doing so much better about keeping all the pieces in their bins and not all over my house! My Lego storage problem is finally solved!



Friday 14th of July 2023

Oh my goodness BRILLIANT!!! Where did you find those chairs?

[email protected]

Saturday 15th of July 2023

Thank you! I purchased the chairs from Target and sadly they aren't available anymore. You can find similar chairs here from Overstock with my affiliate link:


Sunday 2nd of May 2021

Cute idea! We are trying it out! Where did you get those chairs from? I love the color!

[email protected]

Monday 3rd of May 2021

I got them from Target a while ago! Here is the adult version; I can't find the kid version anymore.

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