Repurposing Fabric for a Cozy and Inviting Living Space

You want to know a pet peeve of mine? When I sit down at the end of the day to watch a little TV and realize I don’t have something to cover up with. You see, I’m very cold natured. The hubs can crank the AC down and practically live in an Igloo and be 100% OK. Anyone else have any experience with this? I know I might not always be so cold natured (hello menopause, lol) but for right now, I ALWAYS have a few blankets or at least a comfortable chair to hang out in.  So if you’re anything like me, you want your living room (or whatever you call it) to be comfortable and cozy. This includes creating a warm environment with lots of different fabrics, not just blankets and throws. I’ll be sharing a few ideas on how you can repurpose fabric to create a cozy and inviting living space.Repurposing fabric for a cozy and inviting living space

There are so many ideas on how to repurpose fabric to create a more inviting and cozy space. I recently wrote a post on creating curtains from drop cloth material.

It is crazy how a few window treatments from repurposed materials can change the “feel” of a room and make it more cozy and inviting.

What if you’re not happy with the look and feel of your furniture but you can’t buy new?  You don’t always have to run out to the store or spend a lot of money to transform a space.

There are some easy, and some not so easy, solutions for creating a cozy and inviting living space by repurposing fabric.

  • Furniture Reupholstering

Reupholstering furniture might sound complicated (and sometimes it is), but it’s not too hard once you get the hang of it. If you want to try it, it’s best to start with something simple, like a dining chair with a padded seat.
Dining room with upholstered chairs

Pictured above is my dining room with two chairs my grandfather reupholstered. These chairs used to be bright red. With only the cost of fabric, I (or my sweet grandfather) was able to change the look and feel of this room with two new chairs. I found a really great tutorial on Pinterest on how to reupholster a chair seat. 

In the living room, you might have an armchair, sofa or even a foot stool you want to reupholster. As well as permanent reupholstering, there’s also the option of making new covers. If you want to either of these things, a substantial amount of DIY experience is definitely going to help you out.

If you’re not into sewing and you want an immediate change, consider buying new seat cushions. Dining Room Table and Chair Chalk paint makeover

Pictured above is my dining room kitchenette.  I purchased the seat cushions from Ballard Designs  to make this space more comfortable. 

Cushions are much easier for even beginners who have never sewn anything before. They’re also great projects for repurposing old clothes and other fabrics. You can use an old T-shirt, sweater or cardigan, pair of jeans, and many other items to make a new cushion cover. A simple cover with a zip is pretty easy to do. You can also add lots of other features to make your cushions more attractive. If you want to add buttons, make sure your sewing machine has a buttonhole function. This Brother CS5055PRW electric sewing machine review explains the appeal of being able to form custom buttonholes. They can give your project a much more professional finish. Most machines will have a 4- or 5-step buttonhole function. 

For those of you who are really brave, or desperate (like I was), you can consider painting your old fabric.   Like I said, I got desperate to replace my old outdoor cushions and decided to paint them! Believe it or not, they turned out very well. Check out my post that I’ve linked above for more details.

Painted outdoor cushions

  • Blankets and Throws

Blankets and throws are HUGE when it comes to creating a cozy space and are so easy to create from repurposed fabric.  They can be made from a range of materials so you could approach making one in lots of different ways.

Knitting a throw is an option, but so is buying some fleece material and sewing one. If you’re willing to work some patchwork magic, you can even repurpose some sweaters or other items. 

Below is an affiliate link to a chunky throw I found on Amazon for those who aren’t in the mood to sew or repurpose anything into a blanket.  If you purchase from this link I will receive a small commission, but rest assured, you won’t pay any more for the product.

  • Rugs

You might think that a rug isn’t exactly something you can make yourself. But you don’t need a loom to create one. There are some great DIY projects for rug making, and you can make use of some recycled materials too. Try this braided rag rug idea to repurpose some old material into a shabby chic rug. You can even use simple DIY rope method, picture below, to create a rug.  How simple does this look? All she is doing is glueing rope in a circular patter…..BOOM, now she has a jute-like rug. Creating a DIY rope rug

From Flickr

A few simple DIY or repurposing projects with other fabrics can transform your living room. You don’t need to be an expert to make some cozy textiles.

Just like that, with a few repurposed materials, you can create a warm and cozy living space without spending a lot of money.

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