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Iron Orchid Designs Easy Image Transfer to Wood Tutorial

Vintage looking farmhouse signs are “the thing” these days.  You can find them anywhere, even Walmart. They are so popular many companies are creating easy image transfers so anyone can make their own sign.  I decided to create my own and show y’all how easy it is to create your own too! Here goes my Iron Orchid Designs easy image transfer to Wood Tutorial.

easy image transfer

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I know most people think, if I can buy a similar vintage farmhouse sign somewhere like Walmart, why would I create one?

Maybe you have a certain size sign you want and you can’t find one to purchase anywhere. Or maybe you’re reading this post because you realize how simple it can be to create your own. So here we go.

Tutorial for an Iron Orchid Designs Image Transfer to wood:

  1. Purchase your image transfer. I believe they quit making this particular image transfer. You can see more of their other transfers HERE.
  2. Purchase wood. In my case, I cut an old piece of plywood I already had on hand.
  3. Remove the back part of the image transfer
  4. Place the image exactly where you want it on the wood
  5. Tape the image where you want it. This is important because after you have started transferring the image you don’t want it to budge at all.
  6. Use a wedge that is provided or a spatula and press down the image to the wood.
  7. Start at the top and slowly peel the clear paper down as the image transfer sticks to the wood. At times you will have to repeat this step to the same area to get the image to stick.
  8. After you have transferred the entire image, cover with a clear coat. You can use any clear coat, wax, or modpodge to seal it.

Here is a quick video of the process to transfer this vintage farmhouse image to wood:

Note: The easiest way I found to get the image to “stick” while removing the clear cover was to lay both hands down on the image and push down while removing it.

That’s it for my quick and easy tutorial on how to transfer images to wood.

easy image transfer
easy image transfer to wood
easy image transfer

To see more of my post on creating this Shiplap with NO power tools here.

Hope this post has inspired you to create your own vintage signs! Thanks for stopping by.


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