Fixer Upper Inspired Chalkboard ART

Lately I’ve been marveling at the Magnolia Market website (Chip and Joanna Gaines’ online store) and I’ve been baffled at how easy and simple some of their decorations are! Honestly, who would have thought to hang a Mason Jar from a Chalkboard would be considered CHALKBOARD ART! So glad I ran across this, because it was all the inspiration I needed for my Fixer Upper Inspired Chalkboard Art project.

Fixer Upper Inspired Chalkboard Art

I saw an item for sale on the Magnolia Market website that looked totally reproducible! It was a simple frame with a jar attached to it and flowers sitting in it.

This is where I got the inspiration for my Fixer Upper inspired chalkboard art!

After I saw this for sale I chuckled and though,  “this is brilliant!” When I saw this picture I instantly realized I had all these items on hand and I could make something similar for FREE!

The best DIY PROJECTS are always free.

The “chalkboard” hanging frame was an item I picked up at the dollar bin at Target.

I had no clue what I would use it for, but for 3$ I couldn’t resist (and so glad I didn’t!).

The mason jar was an extra we had in our pantry, the flowers were from Wal-Mart, and the extra rope I had bought at Lowe’s a year or so before.  So easy and yet so simple!

I love the show “Fixer Upper” and more than that I love the Gaines’ style. With that being said, most of what she does is so simple and elegant, and yet she makes it look like a million bucks!

This DIY CHALKBOARD ART is not a difficult project and I hesitate even showing the steps of how to recreate it.

  1. Hot glue the rope around the Mason Jar.
  2. Hot glue the Mason Jar on the chalk board. Be careful to glue it a little below the center, so if you put flowers or anything else in the mason jars, they won’t hang over the board.
  3. adorn with flowers!

They say the best things in life are free.  How about a free project to create a Fixer Upper Inspired CHALKBOARD ART- yes please!

Lindsey *

3 thoughts on “Fixer Upper Inspired Chalkboard ART

  1. I love how that jar looks on that board, simple so often is best. It’s just that Joanna has the courage to go for it and sell it.
    I would say your mistakes are lessons of how to make something better out of a booboo.You keep at it and look what you ended up with, score big.., Love how your jar is useful as well as pretty to decorate with.
    I have a faux tin tile will back with sturdy wood after painting tin then put a clamp on tile to hang jar. Those faux tiles have been rattling around in my stash since before we left KY where I bought them, we moved here in Aug.of 2004, long enuf ya’ think?
    Happy Sunday

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