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DIY Sheet Tent on our Platform Tree House

I’m calling this a sheet tent for our tree house, but to be technical I’m using two old curtains. If I called it a “curtain tent” you might not know what I was referring to. Everyone knows what a sheet tent is right? If you don’t then let me show you.

DIY Sheet Tent on Platform Tree House

After we built the DIY platform tree house my kids kept asking for a “roof.” For some reason they were expecting us to build a fabulous tree house aaaannnnd put a roof on it. Sorry kids, you can’t have everything. That being said, mom had a little idea up her sleeve!

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As I was cleaning out the linen closet, I found two navy curtains from Walmart that used to be in my sons room. Of course! I could use these to make a sheet tent over their tree house.

You can sort of say these are my own DIY shade sails. They cover most of the tree house platform like a tent would but also resemble a shade sail.

How to create a DIY sheet tent on a platform tree house

There really isn’t a good way to do this other than trial and error.

I took the end of one of the sheets and started by using thumb tacks to hammer them into the tree where I thought it should go.

hanging sheet tent on tree

It took a little “readjusting” to get the fabric where I wanted it. That’s the beauty of using thumb tacks to begin with.

nailing sheet to tree

Once you’ve figured out exactly where the curtains or sheets should be, replace the thumb tacks with screws.

using screw to attach sheet to tree

It’s funny how much these DIY “sheet tents” look like a shade sail.

For those of you who are wondering…how does it stand up in the rain?

Below are a few pictures after a full night in the rain. It’s held up beautifully.

DIY Sheet Tent on Platform Tree House
DIY Sheet Tent on Platform Tree House
DIY Sheet Tent on Platform Tree House
DIY Sheet Tent on Platform Tree House
DIY Sheet Tent on Platform Tree House

Now that I’ve shared our DIY tree house with a sheet tent after a hard rain, let me show you what it looked like right after I finished putting it up.

Do you see what I see? I added a little “sparkle” for my girl.

I’ve been itching to do something a little different in my daughters vintage chic girls room. Remember those simple chandeliers (pendant light covers) I hung above both beds?

I thought it would be a cute touch for the tree house to have a little pizazz right? My son doesn’t think so, but can’t you envision a little girls tea party here?

I attached the chandelier with a small eye hook and hung it with a piece of string.

I don’t leave the chandelier out all the time. It’s easy to hang because it just slips on the eye hook.

Perfect for a little girls party! Hmmm, potential birthday idea?

There are so many ways to be creative with household items like sheets and curtains and even shower curtains! I even I transformed my daughters bedroom windows with no sew valence from a shower curtain.

The sky is the limit if you open your mind and get a little creative.

What would YOU do with this space?

DIY Sheet Tent on our Platform Tree House
DIY Sheet Tent on our Platform Tree House

I hope you’ve enjoyed how I up cycled a few old curtains to create a fun outdoor sheet tent.

I’m off to fun times with the kiddos in our new outdoor sheet tent on our tree house.


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  1. Thanks Lindsey, for sharing this very innovative idea making this DIY sheet tent for tree house shade. Really appreciate the idea here. Thank you for sharing.