Easy Pom Pom Banner

Have you guys ever completed a DIY project and thought, “wow, that was so simple a kindergartner could do it?” Actually, some kindergartners might have completed a project like this. No, but seriously, these POM POM BANNERS are so popular around Instagram lately that I had to have one. I set out to Hobby Lobby to look for a simple banner, but couldn’t find one. No problem, Ill just make my own. Yep, after buying a few materials, it only took about 5 minutes to complete this Kindergarten like project.

DIY pom pom banner

I love my DIY wood headboard, but I felt like the dark wood needed a little “accent.” I’ve seen so many ideas on social media of these pom pom banners being used on a headboard, to open shelving, to a tv stand. Like I said before, I had to have one.


  1. Bag of pompoms from Hobby Lobby (1.99)
  2. String (this can be any type of string, I used hemp string)
  3. Wood sign from Hobby Lobby with our last name initial “M” on it (1.99)
  4. hot glue gun

I strung the wood sign through the string (it already had holes on it), then used a hot glue gun to attach the pom poms. I hung the banner on the headboard. Sorry if your offended even reading these instructions because they are so simple.

And that’s all it took to create this easy DIY Pom Pom banner.

I feel like it really “dressed up” and added dimension to the headboard. Here is a before and after pic;

Sometimes a simple craft (yes Β one that even a kindergartener could complete) can add so much dimension to a room.



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