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Decorating with Vintage Style Nesting Herb Crates

Tell me, do y’all ever buy something with every intention to personalize it and display it, but yet you never do? Kind of like when you see a picture frame hung with stock photos because someone hasn’t replaced it with a family photo yet? Yep, that’s me! I purchased these vintage herb boxes a while ago and they’ve sat empty on my kitchen wall for about six months. It was time to finally decorate my vintage style nesting herb crates.

Decorating with Vintage Style Nesting Herb Crates

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My first intention when I purchased these vintage herb crates was to use them for what they really are; herb crates. Then I remembered that I have a black thumb. Honestly, I can’t keep anything green alive.

I purchased these nesting herb crates from decor steals, and unfortunately they are rarely available. If they aren’t available there you can also get a similar pair of nesting boxes HERE.

vintage style herb crates

How to decorate with vintage nesting herb crates?

With faux greenery of course!

I received a pack of faux boxwood sprays from a company called Commercial Silk. I was really pleased with these faux sprays. I’ve purchased lots of faux greenery from all sorts of craft stores, and I have to say that I like this product better than any I’ve purchased.

I knew when I received these boxwood sprays exactly what I would do with them; fill my vintage style nesting herb crates.


After I started filling the herb boxes with this lovely greenery, I had the brilliant idea to create a faux Topiary Tree with the boxwood sprays.  I was so pleased with the end result!

DIY Topiary Trees with Boxwood sprays

You can see more of my spring inspired mantel here.

I had fun with the faux topiary tree project, but I still hadn’t solved my empty herb crate problem.

I started by adding the faux boxwood sprays to the two middle herb crates. I didn’t have enough of the boxwood, and I wanted a little variety, so I added 3 faux herb plants to the bottom nesting crate.

For the top herb crate I wanted a little color (well, something different than green).  I had purchased those white flowery twigs from Walmart a few years ago. I thought they would accent the crates well.

I love how the mix of vintage and greenery really adds warmth to a home.

My styled Nesting Herb Boxes

Decorating with Vintage Style Nesting Herb Crates
Decorating with Vintage Style Nesting Herb Crates
nesting herb boxes with faux greenery
Nesting herb boxes

You can see more of this space and my chalk painted dining room table makeover here.

Nesting herb boxes

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