Create Your Own Furniture For A Modern Farmhouse Feel

When we purchased our home over two years ago I had a hodge podge of furniture. You know, lots of hand me downs and cheap furniture that my husband and I had accumulated over the years.  So what do you do when you want to find furniture that goes with your style (mainly modern farmhouse), but you have a small budget to work with?  Sometimes, store options aren’t in the right style or the ones that are always seem to be super expensive. My solution;  make or recreate my own furniture to match the modern farmhouse feel, of course!

Step One: Decide On The Project

To get started, you’re going to want to decide on the right project to work on. When you’re trying to get perfect furniture to go with your modern farmhouse decor, you’ve probably got a lot of pieces that you’d love to make in mind. But, you’re going to want to pick out something easy to start with, like a bench or table. Either way, you need to decide on the piece that you’ll try out first.

The first project I tackled when we moved in was to refinish my grandfathers vintage kitchenette. The old “country style” finish didn’t fit my modern farmhouse/coastal cottage vibe.  Below is the “BEFORE” picture.  Vintage Kitchenette Makeover BEFORE

Step Two: Hunt Down The Materials

Next, when you know what you’re making, you need to figure out what materials you need.   Now, if you’ve done lots of research, your mind is probably buzzing with the different materials, styles, and color that you want to use.  I found a cool website that explains how to find reclaimed materials.  Most of my projects involve simple makeovers with paint, but I’m hoping to get a little more involved soon and try some of those ideas. 

Step Three: Prepare

With your design in mind and your materials ready, you’re going to want to make sure you carry out the necessary preparations. If you’re using wood, you may find that it needs to be sanded down and then cut into shape. With metal, you may want to polish it up before it’s cut too. Either way, be sure to prep each piece of materially properly before you build.

Step Four: Build

If your projects involves more than a simple paint job, then you’re going to want to start the building process. For this, you’ll need the right tools so be sure to read reviews before you invest. You’ll find the Millermatic 211 review via for welding, and if you need anything like nail guns, your local handyman store should be able to give you some advice.  

When I built my dining room floating shelves, I made sure to gather my materials and supplies before ever starting with the first step.

Floating shelves supply list

Step Five: Finish

This is my favorite part of the process; the finishing steps!  With wood, you may want to paint it or treat it, and with the metal, you may want to spray it at the end or coat it with protective treatment too.  Here are a few pictures of my finished vintage kitchenette and floating dining room shelves.


Vintage Kitchenette Makeover

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