Budget Friendly updates for your Bathroom when Trying to Sell Your Home

If you’re in the process of selling your home, what is the first thing you need to do to get your home ready to sell? What if you have a limited budget and can’t afford major upgrades but you need to update a few spaces? In my opinion,  one of the rooms that you should definitely place a lot of attention on is your bathroom. You don’t need to spend a lot of money to make your bathroom more appealing to people that view your house. Here are some suggestions on budget friendly updates for your bathroom when trying to sell your home. 

Bathroom Update for under $100 including DIY Faux Marble Countertops

  • Add an ottoman or a stool

    I know this sounds really silly, but a small seating area can transform a space from shabby to chic. By adding a stunning piece of décor that is also functional, you create the ultimate private hotel suite look. Why not put a stool beside the bathtub?

    This is a quick and cheap tip to help the resale of your home. 

Bathroom Upgrades that will help sell your home


    • Change your bathroom countertops

      A lot of people assume that changing their countertops is going to be an expensive job. However, it is something you can do yourself.  I completely made over my old countertops with  DIY faux marble countertops that cost less than $100. This is a great way to give your bathroom a glam update.  Instant Granite Close up

    • Add flowers 

      It is amazing how much of a difference fresh flowers can make.  It seems like flowers can transform the look at feel of a room. Maybe it’s something about bringing a little bit of nature inside.  My favorite flowers for the bathroom I think are Orchids.

      Simple elements like flowers can make a huge difference in how a buyer views your home and will affect the resale in a good way!
      Bathroom Upgrades that will help sell a home


    • Pick neutral colors!



      This is HUGE! You narrow you’re potential buyers down when you add bright, bold colors that only a small percentage of buyers will like.

      A few of my favorite colors for a bathroom are:

      Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray , Sherwin Williams Sea Salt, BenjaminMoore Stonington Gray

      • Lighting

        I’m a believer that swapping out a dated light fixture for a new one can transform a room. Currently, the styles tend to lend towards a glam bathroom with pretty chandeliers. This might not be “gender neutral” enough for some of you, which I understand, so I’ve attached a few affiliate links to other great light fixtures for bathrooms.

        Disclosure: these are affiliate links. If you purchase from these links I will receive a small commission, but it will not affect the price you pay. This is a means to keep this little blog up and running!

The light above is a great alternative for those of you who aren’t quite ready to jump on the “chandy” train (that means chandelier, lol), because it is still a form of a chandelier without all the bling.

I love this chandelier because it encompasses a rustic, yet neutral AND modern farmhouse feel without feeling too feminine.

For those of you who do want a little bling bling, this light fixture is for you!There it is friends, my simple list of budget friendly ways to update a bathroom to make it ready to sell.

There it is friends, a simple list of budget friendly tips on how to update a bathroom to get it ready to sell!

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