Budget Friendly Ideas on How To Update the Most Used Spaces in your Home

What If I told you that you could update a kitchen, from top to bottom for under four thousand dollars? Or how about a bathroom remodel for under one hundred dollars? Or what if I told you that you could replace all your curtains in your home for a fraction of what it would cost to buy them new.  There are ways to update spaces without spending a lot of money.  I want to  share with you a few budget friendly ideas on how I’ve updated the most used spaces in our home.

Budget Friendly Ideas on How to Update the Most Used Spaces

What is the most expensive thing you have ever purchased? I bet 90% of you will say your home. When it comes to buying a property, there may not be any other purchase you make that is quite as expensive. Even if you’re a lucky lottery winner, you will find it hard to have a more extravagant purchase than a home. Which is why so many of us are completely house proud when it comes to the things we place in our home, how we decorate them and also how we renovate them.

There are very few of us that purchase a home that we are 100% satisfied with. That being said, updating certain areas of the home are normally placed on the back burner because they cost more to update than others. I’m talking about spaces like the kitchen, bathrooms and master bedroom. 

Budget Friendly Kitchen Update:

What is the most used area of the home? Men would probably say the living room while women would say the kitchen, right? The kitchen is a huge part of any home. However, it can also be one of the most expensive jobs to renovate completely. A kitchen and the labor involved in putting it together can cost tens of thousands. 

You can also make small and significant changes to a kitchen that can really add some spark back to any dreary space. One of the first things to consider would be painting the cabinets. What a difference a little paint can make!

Other things to think about would be the smaller details. For example a new sink and even new plumbing can make a big difference to a kitchen. Something like a set of taps at www.tapwarehouse.com would be worth considering. You could replace the sink, even think about painting the walls. Often even replacing appliances on show to more modern ones can make a kitchen feel newer than it actually is. To see how I update my entire kitchen for under four thousand dollars click HERE. 

Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Update

Budget Friendly Bathroom Update:

Possibly the second biggest job in a room is the bathroom, and again this can get pricey. So it is no surprise that people tend to consider a more budget friendly approach to renovating a bathroom. Thankfully, websites like www.pinterest.com have a great selection of ideas on how you can jazz up a bathroom.

I updated our guest bathroom for under $100 by replacing the piece of glass with a mirror we already had on hand, changing out the countertop with a great faux marble product, and painted the cabinets. With a few new accessories, I was able to transform this bathroom without spending much at all. Also, you can check out how I updated the lighting in this bathroom for FREE! bathroom update under $100

Budget Friendly Living Room Update: 

The living room is the “hub” of most homes. If any space in your home is seen, it is this one. So why not make it look good? And this doesn’t always have to mean replacing the floors and doing other expensive renovations to create a lovely space. You can make thrifty changes to really make a difference in a room. For example, I gave my living room a refresh with some simple and affordable DIY drop cloth curtains.  For more tips on how to style a room simply check out the various tutorials offered online

Living room refresh and DIY Drop Cloth Curtains 10

Budget Friendly Master Bedroom Update: 

Would you believe that your own bedroom can be the room that often gets forgotten about the most? Yet this is where you will retire to bed and ultimately spend a good chunk of your time in, so wouldn’t you want to ensure that it is decorated and looking its best? As this may be a room that only you get to enjoy, I can understand why it may be low on the priority list.  Start with your bed; this might mean a  change of bedspread or adding some new accessories.  Or it might even mean a new bed with a simple DIY pine board headboard.  It won’t take a lot of changes to make a difference in your bedroom because it’s normally a smaller space than areas like the living room. 

DIY Pine Board Headboard
How I made this headboard out of Pine Boards

I hope I’ve given a you a few new ideas on how to update a space without spending a lot of money!

Is there a space you’ve created or repurposed without spending  a lot of money? I would love to hear about it!


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