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Budget Friendly Farmhouse Style Bar Stools with Backs

When I redesigned our kitchen in our modern farmhouse builder grade home, I decided to do away with the “step up” bar. I was so happy I did this.  I feel like a counter height bar is more functional, especially with kiddos.  Sadly when we moved to our new home, I’ve had to get used to a step up bar again.  Now I’m on the hunt for a set of budget friendly rustic farmhouse stools for this space. I figured as I was looking I might as well share a few budget friendly farmhouse style bar stools with backs.

Affordable farmhouse style bar stools with backs

Let me first share a view of our new rustic beach cottage kitchen. 

Rustic beach cottage kitchen

You see the lovely step up bar? If I had to design this kitchen myself, I would have removed the attached bar area and created a floating island WITHOUT the step up bar. Hmmm, maybe a project for later down the road. For now, I will live with it and make the most of this space. Mostly, I needed actual bar stools.

During my search for bar stools, I’m looking for two styles: X-back bar stools or woven coastal farmhouse style bar stools.

The other requirement for these bar stools is a price tag of under $200 for two. It’s a stretch, but very attainable.

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If I wasn’t working with a budget, my first choice would have been one of theses lovely woven bar stools by Ballard Designs.  I LOVE the set in the first picture, but both of these have a higher price tag than $200 for two. A girl can dream, right?

Coastal farmhouse woven bar stools

coastal farmhouse bar stool
I love the woven look with a little color! This comes in different colors too.

On with my search for a more affordable set of woven bar stools.

Well guess what….I didn’t have much luck. I did find a set from Walmart, but the price was still a little high.

Since I didn’t have much luck finding an affordable woven bar stool, it was time to look for a more traditional farmhouse style bar stool.

X-back bar stools

Here are a few below that are affordable AND in my price range. Whoop whoop!

Farmhouse bar stool

I love that this one has a little color!
I love the industrial vintage style of this bar stool.

I almost decided to go with the metal farmhouse style bar stool, but I think this style is quickly becoming dated and I’m already tired of seeing it. Too bad, because these are really cheap.

upholstered bar stool
You can’t go wrong with a traditional upholstered bar stool

The traditional upholstered look is nice, but I felt like it was a little too traditional for my taste.

scandinavian style bar stool
These are a really great price!

I almost went with a more modern Scandinavian style bar stool. I love the sleek modern look, but it doesn’t match my decor.

metal farmhouse style bar stool
I love the wood and the metal together!

Now that I’ve shared a few different styles of budget friendly farmhouse style bar stools, which one do you think I bought?

I chose the Target X back chairs! They are so durable, stable AND were a great price.

I hope this has helped you in your search for farmhouse style or coastal style bar stools with backs.

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