Bring Your Guest Room Into The Heart Of Your Home By Re-Purposing Its Use

We all want our guests to have a fantastic time when they come for a visit, right?  While our homes are, of course, for no one’s pleasure but our own, it’s nice to think other people could enjoy them, too. We’d love to think guest would come back time and again because they had such a pleasant stay. It seems that we put almost as much effort into our guest bedrooms as to the rooms we use every day. We’re all budding hotel owners it would seem. 

DIY Pine Board Headboard

There are a few problems with having a gorgeous guest bedroom.  For one, consider how often that room gets used. Probably not half as much as you would like. The chances are that you keep the door closed when no one’s staying, and it gets no appreciation whatsoever.  

We all know that unused rooms develop a strange atmosphere. When guests do come to stay, the room may be musty and will have a distinct feeling of having not been used.  YUCK! Your efforts to host your guests in a fabulous space will backfire. Your spare room may become, dare we say it… a bit creepy.

What can you do about it? If you have your heart set on keeping the room as a designated ‘guest’ bedroom, there’s not much you can do.  Keeping the windows and doors open  will help, but aside from that, your hands are tied……

Unless you are willing to give up on the idea of having a static guest room.

It may be an alien concept, but more people are turning their guest spaces into places they can use when no one’s staying. Let’s be honest; the idea of a guest room is becoming a little dated.

What would the room be otherwise? And, where would my guests stay when they did come?

Yes, we can hear your cries.

The good news is, there are simple answers to both of those questions. You can use the room for whatever purpose you want. Bear in mind, though, that you’ll need an option which leaves plenty of floor space. Something like a library or an office is ideal.  Your guests would still sleep in that same room but, instead of having a weighty double bed which takes up space, you can convert to a foldable option, like a daybed.

I’ve included an affiliate link to a great daybed below. If you purchase from this link I will make a small commission (which helps this little blog keep running…) but in no way will you pay more for the product.

Daybeds are amazing for a variety of reasons. In the past, we had to resort to large sofa bed options which looked like a real mess when they were open.

Best part about a daybed?  These are easy to make for yourself. And, don’t we all love a bit of repurposing?  

You can repurpose a daybed from quite a few sources. Your best bet is an old bed frame you have lying around the place. This is good for beginners, as the general structure will be right there for you.

If you’re feeling more daring, you could purpose your daybed on top of an old chest, or even from a crib.  Bear in mind, too, that you might need more than one of these babies on hand. Just in case you have a few guests at once! Jenny Lind Crib turned Bench
Of course, you may be wondering where you’re going to keep all that bedding when the room isn’t in use. Having duvets around the place is no way to create a room you can use. If you opted to make your daybed on top of a chest of drawers, you have a solution right in front of you. But, even if that’s not an option, a small chest should be all it takes to keep your bedding on hand.

Find out about eiderdown and other feather duvets to ensure you get options which can fold away easily. Feather options are lighter and easier to tuck away. You don’t even need to worry about sheets or cushions if you don’t want to. The chances are, you’ll use a throw to cover the bottom of your daybed anyway. Few guests will sniff at using this as a sheet. Most daybeds have cushions on top of them, too. These look amazing when the daybed is in sofa mode and will work well as pillows when needed.

Now that the bed dilemma is solved, what should you do with the rest of the room?

For the most part, this depends on what you’ll be using the space for. If you want a library, for example, you’ll need to stock up on bookcases which don’t take up too much space. If you had the room in mind as an office, you could choose from many compact desks. Big, hulking options aren’t necessary, nor are they particularly stylish. Instead, something subtle which you can tuck into a corner would look and work much better. 

Lastly, you may be concerned about keeping the space homely. While there’s no denying that repurposing the room will take it a step away from that comfortable bedroom vibe, this is an easy issue to rectify.  

Small touches are all you need to make the space feel more comfortable. The throw and cushions you incorporate on your daybed will definitely help. Other things worth considering are pictures on the walls, and a rug to go in the center of the room.  

mason jar decorYou could always consider decorating with simple items like mason jars and cheap flowers. 

There you have it!  In one easy step, you’ll improve your guest room, while also ensuring the space gets more use.

What’s not to love? It may be a little painful undoing the work you’ve already put into the room, but you can be sure this is a step you’ll be glad you took. Getting the most from your home is always a bonus. And, guests are sure to appreciate a space which gets use. It’s a sure way to rid yourself of that ‘uncomfortable’ spare room feeling that’s been haunting you. 


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