Blue was His Favorite Color

This post is sponsored by FTD Flowers.  They handcraft a meaningful bouquet so I could celebrate someone near and dear to me. 

I don’t know about you, but sometimes when I get something on my mind, the best way for me to express it is through writing.  Truthfully I’m better at expressing my thoughts in writing than in conversations (my poor husband can attest to this). For this post, I’m going to take a break from the normal “repurpose and up cycle programming” to bring you some heartfelt thoughts about someone who was very near and dear to me.  His name was Howard, and although some called him “Jimmy (he sort of resembled Jimmy Stewart in his younger years)” he is and always will be known to me as “grandaddy.”

I’m celebrating a special day today…. it would have been his 95th birthday.  

FTD Flowers

He was born in the depression, lived and fought through war, cherished the essence of family, valued good food, and still even on his death bed, maintained a sense of humor.

The hardships of that generation seemed to only strengthen their character.

He was a “cultivator.” He loved to create something with his hands and watch it grow. He loved flowers. When I got married in 2006 my mother bought Orchid plants to make the Groomsman boutonniere’s from. Grandaddy kept the plants alive and blooming and continued to nurture them for years after my wedding.

He could sew, and sew well. Would you believe me if I told you he used to sew dresses for me as a teenager?  He loved to quilt and enjoyed creating and owning fine fabrics. Only a few years ago, in his 90’s, he completely re upholstered a wing back chair for me. This was the last thing he would sew before his eyes got too bad.

He could cook, and cook well. There are a few “staples” at our family holiday gatherings, all of which came from his recipes.

He could create anything with his hands.

He was shipped out to war at the early age of 19, after being told he probably wouldn’t make it back home. He landed on the beaches of Normandy with only a typewriter in hand. He fought through the Battle of the Bulge and somehow, later on, made it home alive.

Blue was his favorite color.

He was part of the greatest generation.

This generation felt like they “had a duty” to their country, and would die for a worthy cause with no questions asked.

Most of you might agree that there is a sincere responsibility and humbleness that comes with someone you meet or have known from this generation.

I miss this generation. I miss him.

How do I raise my kids to mimic the qualities and characters of this generation?

How do I raise my kids to mimic him.

Today is a special day. Today would have been his 95th birthday. 

Today I’m remembering my grandaddy. I’m remembering all the good that he created, all the good he was, and all the good he stood for.

Thank you FTD flowers, for delivering a handmade bouquet today so I can remember and celebrate the life of a great man.

As always, thanks for listening to a little bit of my history.



9 thoughts on “Blue was His Favorite Color

  1. Thanks for sharing your feelings. Tomorrow would have been my dad’s birthday, and he would have been 98 years young! He went to Heaven last February. With the exception of the creativity aspect of your grandad, (that was my mom to a tee; my dad had the business mind of a genius) you could have been describing my dad exactly! Amazing! So much so, I just had to comment. It was a special generation, and he was the last of that generation to leave our family. I’ve been thinking about him SO much lately, and miss him like crazy, as well as do his grandchildren. We were both so fortunate to have such a wonderful role model given to us, don’t you think?

  2. Such a beautiful post to go with those gorgeous flowers, Lindsey! What an incredible man! You were so blessed to have him in your life. This is a beautifully written tribute to him. He would certainly be proud. Happy 95th birthday to him. Hugs, friend.

  3. That made me cry…for many reasons. I cry for our current generations who seem to have lost the pride & respect for our country & who don’t care about the sacrifices your grandfather made. I cried for your loss & cried for the fact that I’m lucky to still have Mom at 102. You & I are lucky to have known members of the greatest generation. But somehow, I thot the flowers would have had (at least) a blue ribbon. Thanks for sharing. Warm hug

    1. Awww, I’m so glad to know that someone else can relate to the “shift” in pride for our country. I wish my kids could have known my grandfather more, but I’m grateful they both met him. Cherish every moment with your mom. 102, wow! Hugs to you too and take care.

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