Affordable Cane Back Dining Chairs

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Isn’t it funny how history repeats itself and home styles always come back around? Cane furniture or caned furniture (as it used to be called) has been around since the 17th century. It’s gone in and out of style a lot. Currently, cane furniture is trending big time! I’ve been on the hunt for cane back dining room chairs, so I figured why not share a list of affordable cane chairs I find!

Recently I completed a chair makeover from six thrifted cane back chairs. I also shared a few secrets on the best way to paint cane furniture if you happen to find a good deal and the cane needs a makeover.

You can see my thrifted chairs below (after the makeover of course).

It’s true what the decorating experts say about how texture really brings an element of style to a room. This is exactly what any sort of woven material does!

As a matter of fact, I shared recently how to decorate with a handful of thrifted woven baskets with a DIY woven basket wall.

Enough about that, let me show you some great cane chairs!

For those that are in the market to buy cane back chairs, here are a few affordable options.

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Cane Back Dining Chairs

Affordable Cane Back chairs

Check out my list of affordable cane back dining chairs that include a handful of different styles.

I love how cane furniture can come in all different styles and still look great.

affordable cane back dining chairs

What’s your favorite? I think mine is the black and natural one.

I hope this helps you navigate a few different ideas for your cane back chair hunt or cane back chair makeover.


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