Shop the Style Boards

Very often do I have “brilliant (lol)” ideas about creating and decorating a space.  Unfortunately I also find that a few days later I’ve forgotten my thoughts on the subject. Anyone else do this?

Modern Farmhouse Bedroom

Nautical Themed Bedroom
A style board for a nautical themed bedroom

Times like this a great STYLE BOARD or a MOOD BOARD would be useful.

Or maybe the story goes like this; You’ve seen a really great affordable product online that you know would look great in a certain room, but yet you’re not ready to make the purchase (money, no real need for it, etc). So what happens; you forgot about it and move on.

When the time comes where you ARE ready to make the purchase, you search and search the web but cant find it again (whatever it might be).  Ughhh, this happens to me all too many times.

That’s when I decided that I would start compiling STYLE BOARDS you can shop from.

This way if I have an idea or find inspirational products online, I can compile a list in a blog post so I won’t lose these products or ideas.

All the products on the boards will have a link below the picture, so I will never run into the issues of “where did I find that great bed?” This will be the beginning of a new menu on my site that hopefully I will continue to add to as I update the spaces in our home. And, honestly, it’s just plain fun to find products to create new spaces.

I will title each board with the space the products are meant to fill (bedroom, bathroom, living room, etc) and the style of what I’m creating. I figured if I was saving ideas for myself, I might as well save ideas for other readers too.

If you’re looking to create a modern farmhouse bedroom, wouldn’t it be helpful to click on a link and find some serious inspiration AND links on where to purchase? Score and score again! Amiright?

Let me know if you have any suggestions or style boards you would like me to “design.” Can’t wait to create new rooms with my virtual STYLE BOARDS.