My top 5 “Pin”spired blogs

Every blogger pulls inspiration from somewhere. Let me rephrase, every ARTIST pulls inspiration from somewhere. Where do you pull your inspiration? I remember as a child my mother (who is an artist) would save hundreds of magazines just so she could tear out her favorite pictures and save them in a book. Now, with the internet, especially Pinterest, we have a world of “inspiration” right at our finger tips.  With that being said, I want to share a few ladies who really inspire me. These are my TOP 5 INSPIRED BLOGS.

My top 5 pinspired blogs

Since my home style is more of a modern farmhouse and vintage style,  my choices for my favorite blogs will also follow this style.

  1. The Turquoise Home-

Meet Laura; her blog is full of lots of DIY and budget friendly projects. She also has lots of advice about decorating your home with FUNCTION which I find very difficult with two toddlers strolling around!  anyone else have this problem? Her style is clean and bright and I love how she always keeps a budget in mind. It’s easy to decorate when you have lots of money, but it takes a little more creativity to decorate without a heavy pocket book. Go say Hi, you won’t be disappointed.

2.  Liz Marie Blog-

Meet Liz; my vintage loving heart had to share. There is a bit (or A LOT!) of rustic goodness to everything she decorates. Her blog screams true farmhouse style with lots of DIY’s and tips on how to decorate. If you love anything chippy and antique, you definitely need to go check her out! I love how she mixes so many textures to always create a perfect cozy environment.

3.  Twelve on Main-

Meet Sara; Her blog is also mainly a mix of DIY’s and lots of rustic charm.  Her and her husband have built some really neat furniture, so go check her out! I love how she mixes farmhouse yet rustic style so well!

4.  Finding Silver Pennies –




Meet Danielle; I can relate to so much of what she does because she does a lot of refinishing/painting furniture. Her and her husband have created some beautiful furniture and she really has an eye for turning “trash to treasure.” Her style seems to be light, bright and beautiful with a touch of blue. This is a theme you will also see in my home. Go check her out, she has definitely inspired me on a project or two.

5. Last but certainly not least; Love Grows Wild-




Meet Liz; Her style is perfection! I think if I could recreate my home with any style it would be her style. I love all the white and neutral tones. Her home seems so simple, but absolutely elegant! Go check out her blog, if anything to tour her beautiful home!

So here they are, just a few of the blogs that truly inspire me and I hope they will inspire you too.



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