Modern Farmhouse Entryway

What’s the first thing you see when you come home from a long day at ___________ (fill in the blank).  Does this affect your mood? I wish I could say that the state of my house doesn’t affect my mood, and I’m rather embarrassed that it does, but I’ll be the first to admit that my attitude is affected by the first thing I see, my Modern Farmhouse ENTRYWAY.

Modern Farmhouse Entryway

Let’s be honest, I know some of you can relate. Even if my house looks like a bomb went off, (because with two little ones it ALWAYS DOES) I can honestly say I’m a little more content when at least one area of my house looks decent (yikes, that sounds incredibly shallow, but I’m just being real here).

My point to all this is, even if your house isn’t the serene haven you want it to be, you can still create a great Modern Farmhouse entryway or foyer.

Before I get to my key elements, I had few inspiration photos from Pinterest that I wanted to share:

Entryway inspiration

Wouldn’t this make you smile when you walk through the door? This space had a bench, a little greenery and some wall decor.  Its a small space and It’s simple but elegant and I love it.

This next photo is one of my all time favorite entryways on Pinterest and it is from the blog, Bless’er House. I mean who wouldn’t want to see this everyday?

Entryway inspiration2

This entryway has TONS of modern farmhouse goodies;

  • the box wreath
  • the vintage bench
  • greenery
  • pillows
  • olive bucket

I knew I wanted my entryway to be a mix of both of these so I decided my key elements needed to be:

  1.  vintage seating (a pew if possible)
  2. greenery or foliage
  3. pillows and or throw blankets (don’t you think pillows make everything more comfortable and welcoming ? Lol)
  4. some sort of metal or galvanized accents (I already had an olive bucket, score!)
  5. a great accent piece for the wall. I couldn’t decide if I wanted a big wreath, picture, or something else.

Basically, I wanted a VINTAGE yet MODERN FARMHOUSE ENTRYWAY with industrial touches.

My first step in attaining my MODERN FARMHOUSE ENTRYWAY was finding a great seat. I really wanted a vintage pew, or custom made bench.

I searched antique malls and thrift stores for pews, and I did find a few, but not for less than $500! Joanna Gaines and her show “Fixer Upper” has surely raised the popularity of anything old and vintage, as well as the price!

I became a little discouraged in my search for the perfect bench, until I stumbled upon something while I was thrifting that I could recreate.

bench-original-2 bench-origional-1 bench-original-3

Here is my $10 thrift score!  Apparently it used to be the top of a computer hutch. I almost didn’t see it because it was covered in all sorts of junk, like old shirts and very old appliances.  Something about this piece made me stop and do a double take. I knew all I had to do was remove the top shelf and suddenly I could repurpose this into a great ENTRYWAY or FOYER BENCH! It was in great condition, very solid, and durable enough for someone to sit on. YAY, time for a new project.

After removing the top shelf, caulking the seams and spackling the holes.
After one coat of paint



I didn’t like the yellow beige color so I painted it a lighter white. I used a little dark wax to distress it just a little bit. And then I was done!

Now to find the other items I needed for a VINTAGE yet MODERN FARMHOUSE ENTRYWAY or foyer.

I knew I wanted a grand entryway statement piece but had no clue what I wanted it to be….until I was driving up the highway one day and saw a perfect, chippy, historical door sitting out front of an antique shop. That was it! One thing that has become popular recently is decorating with old doors.  I was going to place the door behind bench and it would be my “grand, vintage statement piece.”

Vintage, chippy door

YESSSSS, I was finally creating my MODERN FARMHOUSE ENTRYWAY haven.

By the way, don’t throw away any old pillows. I had a tip from a friend on Instagram about ordering cheap pillow covers from Amazon. This “Home Sweet Home” cover was only $3! Seriously, can you believe it!


Click on this link for one similar. So, if you have a ton of dated pillows, just go online and order some new ones from Amazon. For a  few bucks you can transform your entire space for CHEAP!

After adding some accessories, here is my finished MODERN FARMHOUSE ENTRYWAY!







I hope this post has inspired you to create a space that makes you smile when you walk through the door. After all, your home should be a happy place, and a happy attitude is the key to all of it, starting with a lovely environment!

Lindsey *

Disclosure: this post contains affiliate links. I receive a small commission if you purchase from one of these links but in no way does it affect the price you pay.



15 thoughts on “Modern Farmhouse Entryway

  1. Your entryway is cuter than cute! We are in the process of building a home and I dream about my entryway often 🙂 Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Loved reading through your blog Lindsey!! I have been wanting an entryway bench, you have inspired me to go for it! Now to find the right piece! ~Laara @rusticmeadowslane

    1. Thanks so much girl! It takes a little looking to find the right piece for cheap, but so worth it in the end.

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