DIY Industrial Farmhouse Pendant Light

Has anyone noticed that home styles and trends change about every 10 years? We bought our first home about 12 years ago, and I decorated it with the bold reds and greens and the big dark furniture. Β After we had been in that home about 5 years, trends changed as did MY style :). I started to update the decor, but on a very small budget. One recent project that I’m super excited about is my new updated INDUSTRIAL FARMHOUSE STYLE PENDANT LIGHT!

DIY Industrial Farmhouse Pendant light

I’ve seen a lot of pictures of new INDUSTRIAL farmhouse style PENDANT lights that I had to have.

Changing light fixtures can really be expensive. I knew I wasn’t happy with the existing PENDANT LIGHT with a shade cover, but I couldn’t go out and buy a new one. Without having to buy new, I decided I would find a way to replace the old shade but still useΒ the existing pendant light. Β Below is what the old PENDANT LIGHT looked like:

DIY Farmhouse pendant light

It doesn’t look terrible, but since my new DECOR STYLE is more a MODERN FARMHOUSE STYLE, I knew it would look a lot better if I replaced the shade with a more modern light cover.

I had seen a lot of people use metal lamp guards as pendant light covers. This idea seemed super clever, cheap and perfect! I saw a blog post from one of my favorite bloggers “Bless’er House” who turned a old PENDANT LIGHT into a farmhouse dream pendant light! She used a metal lamp guard which I thought was genius! This is what hers looked like:


When I saw this I knew I had to imitate it!

I went on the hunt for a similar Metal Lamp Guard at my local Lowe’s and Home Depot, but no luck. They seemed to have every lamp guard you could imagine, but not the perfect one I was looking for.

I started searching the Internet, and I found the perfect PENDANT COVERING on a website called Life and Home.

Best part, it was only $9!!

FullSizeRender-3 copy

Life and Home Bronze Cage light fixture

I removed my old lamp shade and I noticed the silver part that the light actually screws into would stick out like a sore thumb if I left it “as is.” I decided to spray paint it oil rubbed bronze to match the new PENDANT LAMP CAGE.

After the spray paint dried, I screwed the new PENDANT LAMP CAGE on the existing light, added an EDISON STYLE BULB ( this is totally not necessary but I thought it added to the INDUSTRIAL FARMHOUSE STYLE PENDANT LIGHT that I was trying to achieve).




I love the way it turned out! For very little money and time, I was able to change the entire style of my pendant light.



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