Budget Friendly Kitchen Remodel

Is there an area in your home that you HATE? An area that you are really not fond of spending too much time in because it’s just flat out ugly or outdated? For me this was my kitchen. I needed to update at least a few of the surfaces to break up the brown, but I had a $3500 budget. This barely covered the cost of granite. SO what was I going to do; research the most BUDGET FRIENDLY KITCHEN REMODEL ideas and decide which ones would work for us.

Budget Friendly Kitchen Remodel

My kitchen was a sea of brown;  brown countertops, brown tile, brown cabinets, you get the point. With 85 square feet of counter top (FYI this is a lot), I didn’t know if we could even afford to make any changes. After calling a few people to get some quotes, I realized if I decided on the cheapest granite, we might have a chance at a BUDGET FRIENDLY KITCHEN REMODEL. Did I design the kitchen of my dreams? no, but close. When your on a budget sometimes you have to compromise in some areas, but I had to make sure I still had a great final result.

Here are a few of the “before” pictures:

“sea of brown”
More brown…

I was thrilled when I received the news that I had found a contractor that would install the lowest grade of granite for $3200. YESSSS, ok my dream kitchen is a possibility!

Because I had painted the whole house in a light grayish blue or grey tone, I knew I needed to choose a granite to “tie” the kitchen in with the rest of the colors. I chose a color called SANTA CECILIA LIGHT. This was the lowest grade granite (the only one that fit the budget), but quite frankly, I couldn’t tell the difference between the different grades. I had decided to remove the “high bar” and create one solid piece for a “low bar” because we never used the high bar.

Here is what the bar looked like after they removed the counter tops and cut the bar top down:

And then comes the granite:

Don’t mind the mess, work in progress!

I was thrilled with the NEW GRANITE, but I had a freak out moment because the rest of my kitchen was still ugly, boring, and BROWN. I HAD to find a way to get rid of the brown, and CHEAP.

I really wanted a brick backsplash, but after pricing it, I was discouraged…still too expensive. Then I had an AHA moment.

I had seen a lot of people on Instagram and Pinterest use BEADBOARD as a BACKSPLASH.

After looking into it, I could cover ALL the panels you see in the picture above with beadboard AND use it as a backsplash too for about $100!!! YAYYYY it’s a winner. Since my style is more a COTTAGE/FARMHOUSE STYLE anyway, any sort of board (shiplap, headboard, board and batten) fits right in! Win Win.


Last thing I did was paint my kitchen Island white. I knew I needed to tie in all the white from the beadboard, so I thought what better way than to paint my island. To see the post on Painting Laminate cabinets with no prep work click here.

So here are my totals:

  • $3200 granite install and removal of old countertop with bar cut down- this included new sink and new faucet
  • $100 beadboard
  • $350 Install of beadboard
  • $50 new hardware

$3700 TOTAL! I know my budget was $3500, but the BEADBOARD install was a little more than expected. Either way, I’m thrilled to have a “new kitchen.”

Here is the unveiling of the final product:





I’m pleased! More than that, I actually want to spend time in my kitchen. This makes for a happy momma, and when momma is happy, everyone is happy!

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