Modern Farmhouse Bedroom

Do you have a room in your house you want to redecorate but you aren’t quite ready (finances, time, etc.) to do it yet? Do you frequently see great deals on items you would like to buy but can’t at that moment? BEEN THERE! My current decor crush is all about a FARMHOUSE BEDROOM.  Who doesn’t love a farmhouse style bedrooms with a metal frame beds, lots of white, and of course shiplap. If you still can’t envision the picture I just painted of a farmhouse bedroom, then here are a few of my favorite farmhouse bedrooms from pinterest:

These bedrooms look so light, bright and inviting. When it comes to decorating a FARMHOUSE STYLE BEDROOM, one thing is for sure, use lots and lots of white with layers of neutrals. Based on my love of everything in these bedrooms (and a few others that I’ve seen while creepin’ on Instagram and Pinterest), here is my style board and plan for my Farmhouse Bedroom. 

When I created this FARMHOUSE BEDROOM STYLE BOARD, I did my best to search out the best deals for great products. I hope to be referring back to this list soon, so be sure that all my choices for this bedroom are very budget friendly. For example, I’ve been searching for a great metal farmhouse bed for a while now, and this one is well under $200! Can’t beat that! Way to go Target, or should I say “Target does it again.”

I’ve seen a lot of beautiful FARMHOUSE STLE bedrooms with stunning chandeliers. Since I live in the deep south with scorching temps, a chandelier for the bedroom isn’t really an option. What I’m really trying to say is my husband would move out of the master bedroom if I took the fan out, especially in the summer. As lovely as they look, a chandelier for our master just isn’t an option. So, the next best thing is a farmhouse style fan. YES, they really make great looking fans! And I’ve found one that isn’t that expensive.

I had to throw a little color in the style board somewhere, so what better way to add color than with a Fiddle Leaf tree. I searched and searched for an affordable one, and was surprised to see that I couldn’t find one for under $100  (not for a decent sized one at least).

The curtains I found have great texture and they are of course white! And I figured you cant go wrong with a very simple shaker style bedroom side table, white of course!

I decided to add some floating shelves as well. You can’t go wrong with open shelving when it comes to Farmhouse Style.

Here is the source list below including the links to these products. Not all but some of these products are affiliate links, which means I do make a small commission if you purchase from them but rest assured you won’t pay anymore just because it is an affiliate link.

Shop the Style Board:

Farmhouse ceiling fan click HERE

Metal Farmhouse bed click HERE

Jute rug click HERE

Wood floating shelves click HERE

Fiddle Leaf faux plant click HERE

Curtains click HERE

Bedside tables click HERE

I hope this list is helpful to you, as I hope it will be helpful to me in the near future (fingers crossed I can redecorate my bedroom soon!)

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