Kid Friendly Rustic Farmhouse Christmas Tablesetting

How do your Holiday family holiday meals go? With two small children it always seems like my husband and I spend most of our time chasing the kids around the table rather than enjoying the meal and our family. I’ve decided this year I would try something a little different, which is why I’ve create a KID FRIENDLY RUSTIC FARMHOUSE TABLESETTING.

Here is how our family holiday meals normally go:

We attempt to all sit down at the table (with my two toddlers) and eat. About 2 minutes into the meal my 2 year old gets bored and likes to play musical chairs where she tries to sit in everyone’s lap to avoid eating. My 5 year old normally does ok, as long as he’s eating something he likes. He will last about 10 minutes or so at the table and then start whining and want to play with his toys or want desert, etc.
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So, like I was saying, about 2 minutes into the meal, I start a conversation with the hubby.

Me: “Hey babe (hubby), why don’t I eat real quick while you watch the kids and then we can switch.”

Hubby: “Sure”

Me: (scarf my food down real quick hoping I can get some nourishment before the 5 year old starts whining to get up). 5 minutes pass, “OK, I’m done (to hubby) and now you can eat.” I run around to chase the two crazy kids and pray I don’t get indigestion.  Hubby can hopefully eat for a few minutes before one of the kids starts asking for his attention.

Who am I kidding, this is the pattern of ALL of our meals, BUT since I’m on the subject of our Christmas meal, I wanted to share with you some ideas I had .

This year we are having the immediate family over to our house for Christmas day to watch the kids open present and enjoy a Christmas Brunch (nothing too fancy). I wanted to create a fun tablescape, but most of all, find a way to incorporate the kids so maybe the Mr. and I can enjoy it too!

My solution to creating a kid friendly tablescape is to use chalkboard wrapping paper from the Target Dollar Spot! I figured if I used this for the placemats, I could allow the kids to draw during the meal and it would distract them for a little more than their usual 2-5 minute window. Speaking of the Target Dollar Spot, I also found these cute little chalkboard stickers that I knew I  wanted to use for my tablescape as well as the red and white table runner. I think I could shop and live at the Target Dollar spot, anyone relate?

So here is what I came up with;

As you can see, I’ve used the “chalkboard wrapping paper” as a table runner as well as the placemats. This means more places for the kids to draw and be distracted, so win win! And you can see I’ve added the chalkboard stickers to the table runner with some fun festive words.

I wanted to add a little color, so these red napkins are fabulous, and the tutorial I used to fold them into a Christmas tree is here, if your interested.

I also had these fun bags left over from my daughters birthday, so I decided to use them to hold the silverware.

On the menu for the meal, I wanted to have a Screwdriver (Orange Juice and Vodka) served in a nice crystal glass (presents from our wedding that we rarely use), and a fun non alcoholic coffee beverage like the one here that I would serve in a mason jar. Mason jars can be dressed up so well with a little colorful ribbon and a red and white striped straw!

Like I said in my title, I wanted a “RUSTIC TABLESCAPE,” so I used these tree chargers I had previously made from a tree my dad cut down.  I added a few clippings from the Christmas tree, some bells, and now I have a festive and kid friendly table setting.

Now let’s cross our fingers that my chalkboard wrapping paper idea will be a success and our Christmas Brunch will be enjoyed by ALL of us, including mommy and daddy. We are 9 days and counting until the big day arrives.

Here’s a list of sources and some alternative sources with affiliate links for items from my Christmas Tablesetting. If you purchase from one of these affiliate links I will make a small commission, but in no way will you pay more. This is a means to keep this little blog up and running….


Fine China: Lenox – I don’t remember the pattern, it was a wedding present from over 10 years ago.

Dough Bowl from the centerpiece: you can find one similar here

Rustic tree chargers: I made mine, but you can find one similar here

Chalkboard paper: I said in my post that mine came from the Target Dollar Spot and since I have purchased it they are no longer available, but you can purchase some similar here

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