Milk painted TV stand Update

Finished piece

I have recently discovered that painting  is a stress reliever for me. The more stress I go through, the more I want to paint and create.  I’m sure everyone has an alternative they turn to when times become a less than optimal.  That being said, I went through a “low time” when my daughter was about 6 months old. She never slept, she was always screaming, I also had a 3 year old to take care of. Lets just say my tank was empty. So, what next? Project time; or more specifically my MILK PAINTED TV STAND UPDATE.

I bought this TV stand about 5 years ago. It had a real “shabby” finish on it with very vintage, but cheap looking hardware.  I will admit, it wasn’t EXACTLY what I had wanted, but it fit the budget (AKA cheap). Now that I am going through a white craze, I decided I wanted to “update” the look and make it look a little more “sophisticated”-with white of course!

This is what it looked like originally;

2 pieces of hardware had already fallen off…I didn’t really like the hardware anyway.

It didn’t look bad, I just felt like it needed a little “up cycling!” I decided to use Antique White milk paint made by General Finishes. I’m really liking the milk paint better than chalk paint these days. This might change soon, as all my decor ideas do, but for now I’m loving the Milk Paint.

So here I go… notice the “cage” I had to use to enclose the poor stand so my sweet but nosey 1 year old wouldn’t terrorize it!

Since the current color of the TV stand was already a light color, I only had to use one coat of paint. I could have used another coat, but I like the more “rustic” distressed finish.

The last thing I did to complete the piece was spray painting the existing hardware. I used an antique bronze color spray paint (I’ve used all different brands, they all seem to work about the same) to spray the hinges.

I DID replace the knobs with pulls I bought at Lowe’s because in my experience, anything you will continually touch, doesn’t need to be spray painted. Using the spray paint for light fixtures, hinges, or anything that requires very little touching, is perfect, but for the knobs (which are used continually by my little ones) the spray paint probably WILL NOT hold up.

Below is the before and after pic:


Best part about this makeover? It was virtually free! More importantly, it was an escape for this tired mama!

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