Industrial Pipe Sliding TV Cover Tutorial

Who doesn’t love watching a football game outside with great company and great food! That was our ultimate goal when we decided to install a TV on our back porch. My worry was how we were going to keep the TV out of all the elements. After all, I live in the deep south lots of rain. I thought I could put a cover on it when we weren’t watching it, but those are so ugly. I finally decided I would create some sort of Industrial pipe sliding TV cover.


When researching for a an outdoor TV cover, I had two things in mind: cost and time, neither of which I have a lot of.  There were tons of ideas on Pinterest about using old SHUTTERS for an OUTDOOR TV COVERING. Shutters seemed to be the easiest and cheapest route to make the tv covering- so shutters it was!

I went to a sweet little shop in town that I’ve been to a few times before where I had seen a pair of old white wooden shutters for 18$. I was so excited because they were still there, so I purchased!

this is after we had already cut the shutters and added two knobs.
this is after we had already cut the shutters and added two knobs.

My next and final part of the project was the hardware. Since this was going to be installed outside, I needed a very water/ heat and cold resistant material. During my research the best option for me was plumbing materials. The best part about using plumbing materials is that I didn’t need to cut, sand, or prepare anything.

Note: an important part to remember before you buy your materials is to measure the TV AND the SHUTTERS and make sure you buy a long enough pipe so when you open your shutters, (or whatever covering you decide to use in front of the TV), the entire TV is exposed. If you don’t buy a long enough pipe, when you open your covering, you will only be able to see like half the TV. I say this because I almost made this rookie mistake!!!!! (thanks to the guy in Home Depot for reminding me of this before I made my purchase).

Here is my list of materials:

  1.  2 galvanized base flanges (3/4 size)
  2. 2 90 degree elbows (3/4 size)
  3. 2 6 ” pipes (3/4 size)
  4. 1 8′ pipe (3/4 size)
  5. 4 eye hooks
  6. screws

Below, you will see all the galvanized pipe and the eye hooks installed on the shutters.


After assembly, we hung OUTDOOR PIPE SLIDING TV COVERING by screwing the flanges in the brick, and now were ready to enjoy!

installed on the porch!
installed on the porch!
this is what they look like when they are open!
this is what they look like when they are open!

Whoop Whoop, now it was time to enjoy some outdoor living. Not only is it pretty, but it serves a good purpose and only cost about 30$ to make.

Time to enjoy football season!


thanks for stopping by, let me know what you think!