DIY Firepit with Pea Gravel and Pavers


I hate an unfinished project. When we bought our home it came with a random firepit that looked like an unfinished project. How do you dress up a firepit? It took me six months to figure it out but I finally have figured it out, so here we go; DIY FIREPIT WITH PEA GRAVEL AND PAVERS.

Below is what the front landscaping looked like when we bought the house;


We decided it looked overgrown and not really that pretty to begin with, so we would completely  redo it. That left us with a bunch of nice and expensive pavers that we didn’t know what to do with. I had thoughts about tearing the firepit down because I just didn’t like the way it looked. Until, one day I had a thought. Yes! I could REPURPOSE those Pavers.


This is our sad lonely fire pit in the middle of our back yard. So during my”AHA” moment I decided to place the pavers from the front yard around the fire pit, fill it in with pea gravel, and then add some chairs for seating! I really wanted an inviting area where we could to sit and roast smores, tell stories, or whatever you do around a fire pit. So then began my fire pit makeover.

I thought about waiting on my hubby to help move the pavers, but the impatient person that I am, I couldn’t wait. As soon as I put my not even 1 year old down for a nap, I raced outside to begin. And yes, I moved ALL those pavers by myself. WOW, lets just say my back felt it for the next few days. I didn’t do any fancy calculating like my husband the engineer would have done, I just kept moving them around until they looked good. I did measure the distance from the firepit to the pavers to make sure it was even.

We decided to fill the  FIRE PIT with PEA GRAVEL. Here is where we went wrong……We decided NOT to dig up all the grass, but to spray it with grass killer. This was a very bad idea, because months later, we STILL have to continually spray the gravel with grass killer.  So, if I was to do it over again, remove the grass, then put a layer of the flower bed liner down for extra protection, THEN add the pea gravel. Learn from my mistakes. I tend to make a lot of them…

after I moved the pavers from the front to the backyard
after I moved the pavers from the front to the backyard
my son and my husband dumping out the pea gravel
my son and my husband dumping out the pea gravel
YAY! the finished product
YAY! the finished product

So here is the finished product. We have been very pleased and have enjoyed it very much! With a little thought and effort, you dress anything up, even a random firepit.


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